All Natural Biodegradable Zero-Waste Vegan Deodorant : Coastal Forests

  • Coastal Forest : Cedarwood & Cypress 
  • PĀPR: All natural aluminum free deodorant in plastic-free, sustainable packaging. Our zero waste deodorants work really well for you and our beautiful planet. We care about Mother Earth just as much as we care about you, so we pack our healthy deodorants in eco-friendly and easy recyclable cardboard.
  • ALL NATURAL: Simple and Safe Ingredients like Coconut Oil, Tapioca Starch, Shea Butter and Amazing Scents From Essential Oils like Pink Grapefruit, Fresh Lemongrass and Italian Bergamot. We can confidently say that PĀPR is a perfect natural deodorant for men and women.
  • PLASTIC-FREE: PĀPR paper deodorant is completely plastic-free. Say goodbye to single-use plastics that end up in a landfill. We use FSC certified paper from responsibly sourced forests with a very thin PLA (made from cornstarch) membrane. For every new subscription PAPR plants a tree in your name. Let’s grow a forest together!
  • NO artificial fragrances
  • Aluminum Free