90's Nostalgia Coasters


Flower power, peace, and yin yang- the sacred trifecta of the 1990’s. Revive your belief in all things harmonious every time you set your drink down on one of these beautiful porcelain coasters. Nostalgic for 80s babies and relevant symbols for Gen Z- these will no doubt bring a smiley face to all who relax at your coffee table. :)

Made of porcelain, both delicate and durable, these coaster will endure any clinks or clanks your morning coffee cup might serve. Hand painted, these are colorful, cute and one-of-a-kind, just like you.

  • Set of 3 coasters: one flower, one peace sign, one yin yang

  • Made of porcelain, hand painted in Detroit, MI

  • 4” diameter