“Spirit Army” Dolls


 Handmade Juju dolls charged with Specific Manifestation Intentions



  • Roseana is a juju doll created to manifest hacking and support for the anahata (heart) chakra of unconditional love, balance, and peace. She helps us receive and share love. Roseana wears pink beads complimentary of the rose quartz crystal, one connected to intensifying the strength of anahata.



  • Tourrior is a juju doll created to intensify the protection of light energy. She helps yield off harmful energies and strengthens our instincts. Tourrior is black like protective tourmaline, the stone of spiritual grounding but also wears the fiery colors of the sacral and root chakras strengthening our boundaries and sense of security.



  • Rome is a juju doll created to help heal romantic connections. She’s here with love. Rome wears the color of light, transparency and purity— encouraging vulnerability and is accented with intimate gold + a heart pendent making her an intentional piece for the broken heart.



  • Spix are juju dolls committed to cleaning the energy around them. Their metal nodes collect and hold negative energies, storing them away from light. Spix require more recharging under full moon energy than any other doll thanks to their significant responsibility but are the most universally helpful for a lighter spirit.