Detroit’s baddest femme fatale, Bevlove will debut her highly anticipated EP album release Talk That Shit on October 22nd at El Club.  The vivacious recording artist will perform her new music live alongside an incredible supporting line-up of emerging Michigan talent, featuring guests La’Britney, SYBLYNG (Executive Producer on Talk That Shit) and Alexander Lynch.

Talk That Shit developed from the idea of Bevlove telling her own story through her lyrics, bringing a rawness and edge to the words she speaks throughout the five track EP.  The songs are original and meaningful, each one for it’s own occasion. “They are all my favorite!” she confesses. “There’s one for every mood!” She continues, “For a good cry, try Save Me… Wanna stunt on your ex? Listen to Leave with Me. And if you’re feeling like a bad-ass, Champagne Bubbles and Do What I Say are your songs.”

For as long as she can remember quality and originality have guided Bevlove’s work; “Every note counts” in her recording process. She is a perfectionist in the studio when it comes to bringing high-quality sounds. “No half-steppin,” she says. Bevlove is more than one of the most talented singer and performers in Detroit right now, she is also a songwriter and has written all of her songs to date.

By maintaining creative freedom and pride with the ownership of her songs, Bevlove explains that she’s reached a point in her career where she only accepts excellence with her recording, songwriting, singing and production. She stands unwavered in this initiative and has remained steadfast in her determination to provide the best sound experience to her followers- and she always delivers.

As she spoke about the importance of high-quality sound, her time recording at Assemble Sound, aka “The Church,” in Corktown comes up.  “It’s great working with people you feel like you can learn from,” she explains. Assemble Sound is a “collaborative family of music affiliates,” which provided her with a comfortable environment to record in. With her years of experience recording and working with the talented, open-minded individuals there, she was able to take new risks vocally on Talk That Shit.

SYBLYNG, the Executive Producer of the EP, is a staple in many of the studio sessions at Assemble Sound. The strength of his production and the depth of his musical knowledge inspired her to bring her A-game to the studio. The combined chemistry is clear; it’s obvious after her first single release after its debut earlier this year. Do What I Say has a lingering buzz, is a sexually-liberated anthem for strong females who know what they want. Directed by film visionaries The Right Brothers, this fierce music video was shot in Detroit with an entourage of strong, independent women as the supporting choir chanting alongside her.

Bevlove also explains that as a female recording artist based in Detroit, “I have never felt like I wasn’t on the same playing field as anyone else.”  Her strong personality, confident nature, musical knowledge and hardworking spirit incite people to take her seriously. But she also believes that she is treated equally as a female musician because of the integrity and inclusiveness of the Detroit music scene. And of course- the fans and her following have continued to always support her, giving her even more strength to push boundaries in the city.

She finds inspiration in other young, black rappers having fun in the music scene, “The young, black men are making it and having rock star fun.”  Bevlove admires the way artists like Lil Yachty, Rae Sremmmurd, D.R.A.M. and Anderson Paak take risks with their recordings and fashion; how they bring fun to the stage, and give a good show to the people who come out to see them. As a very technical singer and performer, she takes lessons from successful artists and mirrors that fun, larger than life demeanor during her performances, especially this Saturday to celebrate the most recent labor of ‘Bevlove.’

A native Detroiter, Bevlove obviously has love for her hometown. She believes it is important for Detroiters to take pride in their city and neighborhoods, provide the youth with effective schooling and tools for success as the city develops. “We’ve got people who’ve been here, people who are moving here and people who just come to visit. All are responsible for sharing tools for success and passing them down to the next generation. Everyone’s gotta pave a way for the city.”

Doors open at 9PM for “Talk That Shit” EP Release. BUY TICKETS HERE.




*Album image credit, Kristin Adamczyk

Words by Hailey Dukes. New kid on the block + sponge for all things Detroit. Student to this earth and the people, places, and things on it. Walking an unceasing journey to observe, feel, analyze, understand. Inspire me! Follow Hailey on IG @wolf___hailey // Twitter @heyygirllhai.