BREAKOUT.TODAY // Meet the makers of the Detroit-New York art pipeline.

When Paulina Petkoski and Samantha Banks Schefman went on TV, they brought one of their artists with them. While they spoke, he painted. It was a crafty way to share Detroit art with the world.

Paulina and Sam’s mission is to do just that. It’s an important one because, as Paulina implies in the clip, in Detroit art isn’t just art. It also stands for hope. Art has, time and again, signaled the recovery of urban landscapes all over the country, and Detroit hopes to be no exception.

One such landscape is Brooklyn, the pole on the other side of the cultural pipeline that Paulina and Sam have set up to get their artists the attention they deserve. The engine of that pipeline is PLAYGROUND DETROIT, not only a multi-purpose Detroit gallery, event creator, and culture maker, but an essential link between Detroit artists and those with the resources to make their careers.

After years of successfully operating guerrilla-style (PLAYGROUND DETROIT produced an incredible event for Breakout on our trip two years ago), Paulina and Sam are finally making things official with a brick and mortar space opening Spring 2017. To fundraise for their new space, the dynamic duo are bringing some Detroit art and music to Pete’s Candy Shop in Brooklyn this Sunday at 3pm.


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