Chef Shanel Dewalt’s Soul Food Sunday Dinner celebrates Bre’Ann White’s Exhibition Family-Style

Chef Shanel Dewalt’s Soul Food Sunday Dinner celebrates Bre’Ann White’s Exhibition Family-Style

Featured Artist Bre’Ann White is collaborating with Chef Shanel Dewalt for a special Soul Food Sunday Dinner in celebration of her debut solo exhibition, Definition of Red. This family-style dining experience will take place in the gallery space limited to 40 guests to completely immersing guests with inspiring art, fine dining and good company. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about her latest series on view with an intimate evening with the Artist.

Chef Dewalt has a life-long passion for cooking to change people’s perception of food. Growing up in a single parent household, her mother was always working; as the oldest of five children she cared for her family at an early age for her siblings, which included cooking dinner every night. She now owns Divine Indulgence Personal Chef Services in Detroit, MI established in 2015. Learn more about her work here.


SPINACH & APPLE SALAD Honey Dijon dressing

HERB ROASTED BAKED CHICKEN *Vegetarian Crispy Fried Southern Cauliflower, Watermelon Hot Sauce


BRAISED COLLARED GREENS Organic, local sourced greens 



Guests will have special access to the gallery after-hours and the will spend the evening enjoying good food and conversation while learning more about the inspiration behind the photo series.


Definition of Red, Bre’Ann White’s debut solo exhibition presents a series of photographs that represent her personal metamorphosis and transition through investigations of color.

Red is powerful, assertive and intense; according to Merriam-Webster, it is “a color whose hue resembles that of blood or of the ruby.” Featuring thirteen large-scale portraits of Ronis, a dark-skinned South Sudanese model, the series confronts viewers with striking images, each capturing the bold beauty of red contrasted against dark skin to explore love, power, war and religion.

Across the world, red represents different symbolism including purity, luck, mourning and pride. Within this context, the model’s own heritage and history is highlighted through interpretation of the Sudanese Wars layered alongside Biblical references, many being original figures that descent from Africa not traditionally represented in mainstream religion.

Through her focus on increased representation of dark-skin models, she challenges the fashion world and mainstream media which continue to struggle with the glaring absence of their representation on a global scale. As an African-American female photographer, her work highlights and showcases the regality of models who are even darker than what is typically considered as ‘diverse’ consumed in advertising. The bold compositions and deep hues in her photographs celebrate dark skinned models and their ‘God-like’ representation as deities.

Bre’Ann White is a Detroit-based photographer and creative director. Since 2010, she has curated iconic photography and branding materials for notable clients and influencers globally. She is known for creating and cultivating striking imagery that draws the viewer into each of her subject’s world, executed with masterful set design and lighting filled with authenticity and imagination.

Her work draws on the shared connections of humanity and captures beauty through people and their body language, reminding her subjects how beautiful they are in their imperfections, and in doing so, provide that sense of empowerment to her audience as well.


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