Detroit Design Festival  aka “DDF” is taking place on Wednesday, September 19th – Sunday, September 23rd. DDF is powered by Design in Detroit, an online platform that allows individuals and institutions across Southeast Michigan to engage, connect and partner with Detroit’s creative, entrepreneurial community to encourage social-economic change in the city of Detroit. This is presented by the Detroit Creative Corridor Center (“DC3”), DDF is a community curated and supported design festival developed to showcase the talents and abilities of Detroit’s creative communities.

The DC3 established DDF to connect creatives with one another, expose them to new markets and consumers, and expose Detroit’s creative talent and collective design aesthetic to national and global audiences. It is a call to action for the community to solicit, support and execute ideas using retail, technology and design to improve quality of life in and around Detroit. -VIA Detroit Design Festival Website

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Events include:

Mobility: A NYC + DET Design Project (Awesome! Detroit to NYC!)

We are connecting creatives in Detroit to creatives in New York City for a two-day virtual design-a-thon. The design brief will center on issues of mobility and transit as identified and shared with us by Mode Shift: Move Together here in Detroit and the Institute for Urban Design in New York. Entrepreneurs from DC3’s Creative Ventures program and the School for Visual Arts’ Design for Social Innovation MFA’s will work together to present ideas that might solve issues of mobility across the two cities.

This DDF happening is occurring via virtual platforms, and as such there is no public event to attend. Updates and results of the project will be shared through social media and PR. Nonetheless, DDF attendees are welcome to drop by the DC3 accelerator studio anytime between 9am-5pm either day to witness the collaborative project in effect.

Imaging Detroit (We were given a tour and explanation of the event in Detroit last weekend and will be posting more about this soon!)

Imaging Detroit is an outdoor film festival, exhibition and public dialogue organized by MODCaR. It is designed to stir up conversation about how Detroit has been represented in the last decade. Over 30 films, videos and shorts will be screened over the course of this two-day pop-up agora. Exhibits, lectures, performances and leisure zones will also populate the landscape.

The Metropolitan Observatory for Digital Culture and Representation (MODCaR) is pleased to present Imaging Detroit on September 21 & 22, 2012 at Perrien Park, in Detroit’s Near East Side. Equal parts international film festival and pop-up agora, Imaging Detroit is an open assessment and contemporary anthology of Detroit’s national and international image. Both curated and untamed, it will feature a broad spectrum of film and print media casting Detroit as an urban protagonist. In and on Detroit, screenings and exhibitions will be combined with conversations between urban analysts, filmmakers, Detroiters, economists, policy makers, activists, and other expert DJ’s (Discourse Jockeys).

Imaging Detroit aims to spark a conversation about the many ways Detroit has been portrayed over the last decade. It will stage public debate and open speculation on how the power of image making may be projected toward the production of a new urban imaginary. In assembling a varied collection of works and guests, Imaging Detroit reveals the possibility of an ephemeral urbanization. The pop-up agora will offer the city a two-day assembly and conversation, turning Perrien Park into a vibrant civic space, complete with screenings, exhibits, food and leisure.

Eastern Market After Dark

Eastern Market is often recognized as the food hub of Detroit, bustling with Saturday morning shoppers, slaughterhouses and specialty grocery stores. After dark a different hustle takes over the neighborhood, a creative movement hidden in lofts, studios and galleries living in the market.

The night tour will take guests into studios, galleries, artists’ residencies, hacker spaces, shops and letterpress studios. The tour will give guests a chance to explore the market often not experienced. Allowing for a sneak peak into a creative community that works late nights and early mornings to create on every level. The tour will stop at over ten locations in the market, opening their doors for workshops, shopping and viewing. Studio doors will open at 7p.m. and close at 11p.m.