“By sharing a little of my story, I hope that listeners understand me more and feel connected to my truth and creative work. I hope viewers feel inspired by my experiences and can take some good from [it].”

In collaboration with Reel Clever Films, local Detroit creative & musician LALA TRIPS brings a new form of artistry that has been hidden up her sleeve. A year after her debut of the track, ‘Hearts on Fire’ produced by Detroit producer Eddie Logix, LALA TRIPS has returned with a short commentary allowing her fans to dive deeper into the euphony of words in her first debut single.

Reel Clever Films—

“Laden with iconic Detroit scenery, the short film places the artist’s snow covered boots right back in the environment that played a critical role in her muse and personal life. In the film, LALA TRIPS stands wide -eyed and encircled by the city’s art, a cinematographic symbol of the creative local scene that cradled, mentored and developed an emotionally distraught human into a powerful and expressive starlet. Detroit’s unique atmosphere served as an incubator for LALA TRIPS’ creative and personal transformation and she is ready to share her upcoming neo-soul and pop releases with the world. LALA TRIPS continues to be inspired and influenced by the city of Detroit as she grows creatively and influences her listeners.”

LALA TRIPS X Reel Clever Films’ Eden and Thaad Sabolboro, have created an emotional narrative to capture the impact of her creative work. Shot in Detroit, this short film follows LALA TRIPS through the monumental streets in reminisce of what impassioned her to create her art. Her neo-soul pop love story encases the ups and downs of every relationship, worthy of any heartbroken listener yearning for a piece of mind.

Though having released a second single last summer ‘Open Arms’ produced by Edward Elecktro, the techno alias of Sheefy McFly, LALA TRIPS’ main focus as of late has been directed towards a music release. “I’ve been taking time to reflect, which has helped with gaining inspiration for new concepts [with my music.]” With her new abundance of artistry, LALA TRIPS will soon become not only one of Detroit’s largest fashion icons, but conjunctionally as a contemporary artist.

REEL CLEVER FILMS is a ‘Detroit-based full-service production company specializing in the art of “business storytelling”, channeling our passion for film to powerful marketing and other creative content videos that work. They seek to empower brands and small enterprise owners by creating one-of-a-kind, innovative business and community videos that create that great call-to-action that they deserve. After first meeting in film school, husband-and-wife tandem Thaad and Eden Sabolboro joined forces to devote their passion for the cinematic arts for clients seeking quality video work that sets itself apart.’

In collaboration with Reel Clever Films, LALA TRIPS now presents a new appeal to the senses; a visual commentary that takes a profound look into the debut single’s aesthetic.  PLAYGROUND DETROIT’s Hailey Dukes caught up with the soulful songbird for a little Q&A and a glance into what the future holds for LALA TRIPS.

How does your commentary video help listeners connect with you?

The video was originally intended for my Kresge Artist Fellowship application, but Reel Clever Films and I decided to release it publicly. I wanted to create a video that could give listeners a better understanding of me as an artist and person versus just reading a description. I think often I tend to get caught up in the chaos of life and the always forward pushing for success. This video is like a pause from the chaos, a reflection if you will. The video is just scratching the surface, just a little piece of myself and heart. I find it inspiring when artists I admire share their stories. It takes courage to do so, but it’s also encouraging. I hope viewers feel inspired by my experiences and can take some good from

Your music seems to be a significant emotional release for you – How can readers take raw emotion and turn it into an artistic product?

I’ve been writing poetry and lyrics since I was a kid. I didn’t think much of it initially; journaling was simply therapeutic. But I think at some point I realized just how connected I was to writing. Experiencing life in its rawest, darkest moments is a lot of times the inspiration for creation.

However a reader experiences life at different points can be applied to whatever they are passionate about, whatever acts as a release of those experiences and emotions. Taking the pressures of life and applying that energy into creative passions has a positive output.

What about Detroit inspires you?

The fact that Detroit embodies a hardworking spirit is what I cherish most about the city. I have had to work hard for everything I’ve accomplished thus far and I feel Detroit is like this analogy for what real life is: the highs, the lows, the good, the bad, the ugly. I like the fact that I can say I am from a city that has rich music, art and cultural significance, as well as a history of darkness and revitalization. I’m inspired by the edge that Detroit has and its continuous resurrection.

What should we expect from your upcoming release? How will it be different or similar from the other music you’ve put out?

My main focus right now is to be deliberate in what I create. Last year was the foundation and kick starter to my musical process. I know what I like and better understanding my own sound. Listeners can expect some experimentation of sounds, though sticking to the neo-soul pop formula. [I am focused on mixing] meaningful lyrics with a sultry R&B vibe with pop influences.



Words & Interview by Hailey Dukes. New kid on the block + sponge for all things Detroit. Student to this earth and the people, places, and things on it. Walking an unceasing journey to observe, feel, analyze, understand. Inspire me! Follow Hailey on IG @wolf___hailey // Twitter @heyygirllhai