Eightfold Collective Partners with 3D Agents of Shield to Manufacture PPE

3D Agents of Shield is helping brave men and women on the front lines of COVID-19. After seeing the shocking shortage of PPE for our Doctors and Nurses across America, a group of friends began 3D Printing face shields around the clock and distributing it to medical professionals in need. Members of the organization happen to include ex-pats from Michigan who relocated to LA to work in the film industry.

The film industry often utilizes 3D printing technology to create parts for camera and filmmaking equipment. However, since the industry has been shut down due to to the COVID-19 pandemic, a co-operative of individuals with 3D printing tech has found another way to occupy their time.

3D printed face shield, 3D Agent of Shield

Detroit-based local film and music studios Eightfold and Assemble Sound realized that the organization was receiving far more orders than their current capacity could fulfill. Since neither organizations can work on new projects, they have joined the effort by donating an additional CR-10S Pro 3D printer in order to increase production capabilities and get more face shields shipped back to hard-hit Detroit locations.

Together, these Detroiters have joined forces across the country to manufacture protective shields and provide essential PPE to desperate healthcare workers back home in Detroit to hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care facilities around the country at no charge.

Eightfold is also accepting “dollar for dollar credits” donated to Southeast Michigan Community Foundation’s COVID-19 Arts and Creative Community Assistance Fund for future studio rentals, that can be used once film and photography work is able to commence again. During the duration of this program, the company will take no profits on these credits.

By encouraging the Detroit arts community to make a commitment to their future projects, and their future selves, by reserving studio rentals now, they can also help to lift up their peers and community members who are struggling.

Eightfold noticed a boost in the creative community’s mental health when planning for creative projects to pursue post-crisis. This program incentivizes artists to use this time to prepare to execute their ideas and know that they are helping others in the community at the same time for any one who has wanted to explore filmmaking or professional photography in a studio while taking giving back.


Learn more about Eightfold Collective and 3D Agent of Shield.

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