Detroit has been a powerful driving force behind garage rock since the genre’s inception in the mid 20th century. With the city producing successful bands like the MC5, The Stooges, Death, The Von Bondies and The White Stripes, Detroit has certainly proven its understanding and innovation of rock and roll.

If you aren’t familiar with the next installment of this generation’s rockers, we highly recommend you check out Detroit’s own, Gardens. According to their bio, the band (formed by Matthew Mueller, Jeffrey Thomas, Julian Spradlin and Vincent Mazzola) was “raised on a diet of Terence McKenna, The Beatles, Syd Barrett, Nirvana and Turkish psychedelic music”, and we must say, their eclectic mentors’ influences have materialized in to some extraordinary tunes. The opening track of their self-titled debut album “Alive in 5D” (released this past May) kicks off hard with classically catchy strumming and equally quintessential yet distinct vocals that hook you instantly and throughout the rest of the album, their sound evolves while maintaining a constant theme. You can stream their music for free or buy their LP.

Gardens, “Staring at a Line is Not Always Fine”

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