Community & Sponsorship Outreach: Glynn Thorton is a born and raised Detroiter with an extensive background in the Non-Profit sector and Private sector of fundraising. His previous fundraising work includes organizations such as Americorp, City Year Detroit, Red Cross Bone Marrow Registry, Clean Water Action. He has also done community Outreach work for various local organizations such as Blight Busters, Habitat for Humanity, Kapichins Soup Kitchen; Farm and Garden, United Way, Franklin Wright Settlements, and Citadel of Faith Covenant Church. After completing his degree in philosophy at the University of Detroit, Glynn discovered Screen Acting/Theater as his creative outlet, although he has a love and passion for the arts every medium.

His passion for artistic and cultural enrichment in Detroit led him to his work with PLAYGROUND DETROIT. Glynn maintains strong relationships with the local Detroit community at large in which he aspires to bridge the gap between the artist and the general public in efforts to cultivate a strong culture of art for all citizens of Detroit.

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