Debuting in September is the first annual Michigan F.A.S.H. Fest, an exciting new event created to celebrate and support Michigan-based talent. This three-day event has been created by Presence II Productions, which is a Michigan-based and woman-owned company, founded by CEO, Leslie Ann Pilling. Her passion is to outreach to her community, both through her partnership with local charity Forgotten Harvest, and her dedication to boosting an economic redirection in the state of Michigan. This event is already a highly anticipated festival which will include a truly broad range of engaging activities and events to celebrate the city and it’s state. PLAYGROUND DETROIT recently caught up with Pilling to ask her more details about the event.

PD: Can you explain your inspiration is for this unique event? How did the idea arise?
My inspiration for Michigan F.A.S.H. Fest is to include the entire state of Michigan to reach out globally to present a glorified “Show and Tell” in the four categories: Fashion, Art, Sound and History. We will be creating a cultural platform for the past, present and future!  Historically, we have deep rooted manufacturing and a strong structure for the full supply chain in Michigan. The idea arose quite a few years ago as I was creating another Fashion event and I wanted to include more, but I was on a volunteer committee. I closed my business for two years to jump start an even more exciting Fashion platform in Metro Detroit.”
PD: What can people expect from F.A.S.H. Fest? What is the main goal?
The main goal of Michigan F.A.S.H. Fest is to “Create, Collaborate, and Celebrate” Michigan Talent. We also want to make Detroit a ‘go-to’ for international fashion designers to show their latest collections. We know the importance of bringing out the buyers, which we will be inviting to attend. To bring together people to support each other and drive business to Michigan, especially the Metro Detroit area! Our tag line is, “Business supporting CREATIVE, CREATIVE showcasing Business!”
PD: How long have you been planning for this?
 I have been planning this for a few years now, but an event like this has been with a goal of mine for 10 plus years.”
PD: Why is the focus on Michigan?
I am a life long resistant of Michigan…and why Detroit? It goes back to the traditional theory that your first seven years of your life has a lot of influence… I went to Edmonson Elementary School, and those first years I lived downtown, on Forest and the John C. Lodge Freeway. I am originally from Detroit…I was even born at Harper Hospital!”
PD: What is your background and how has it helped to create F.A.S.H. Fest?
My background as an art educator, interior designer, and now as a mentor has influenced me to provide a public platform to teach, in addition to a fantastic new way to showcase everyone’s talent and enable a visual experience for attendees.”
PD: Where do you see Detroit in 10 years?
I see Detroit in ten years… as a city that is still building and evolving. A city moving with a smarter direction, with an increasing sense of the importance to diversify their deep rooted talents with in the manufacturing industry. Detroit will focus on the sustainability within innovation, and economic growth. The cultivation of a strong creative community to support and showcase the business that will come from talent within the Metro Detroit area. With the raw and forth right attitude that Detroiters have become known for, the cities residents will bring Detroit together, and we will gain a much deserved positive strength for  media to highlight. The state sees the Fashion Industry for economic growth, and I personally believe in this drive. In the future, I would like to create a Midwest Trade Show with a high-end, edgy, and innovative presence as well in the US.”
Check out Leslie’s promo video for the event below!