Open Letter

Open Letter

Since 2012, PLAYGROUND DETROIT has been committed to share, inspire and highlight contemporary emerging artists in Detroit demonstrated through our exhibitions, events, and programming. For this reason, we are having conversations with the community and implementing changes to the 20/20 Emerging Artists Fellowship 2021 to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity. Along with updates to the review process, we will host a free workshop to assist applicants to create strong applications in addition to an artist information session. We will increase outreach of the public open call and include additional community participants on the selection committee to ensure diversity and inclusion. 


As a social enterprise, we seek to support and develop opportunities for creative professionals, artists and residents in order to serve and sustain Detroit’s creative economy. Our core values are as follows: 

Integrity: We lead with transparency and honesty and follow ethical standards in our business practices and communications.

Accessibility: We provide a space that is welcoming to all community members and accessible across race, gender, class, sexuality and ability.

Community: We cultivate connectivity in the community by providing engaging programming and offering a public gathering space.

Relationships: We pride ourselves on forging and maintaining deep relationships with individuals and organizations in the community.

Work hard, play hard has always been our unofficial motto, and as a part of the arts community, we will lead with our values so that we may play together in a community which reflects who we are.  

Thank you,


PLAYGROUND DETROIT advocates for diversity and inclusiveness, following anti-discrimination, anti-racism and anti-harassment policies on race, ethnicity, sex, age, sexual orientation, ability, and gender identity; and has zero-tolerance for discrimination, racism, harassment, and hate or harmful language.

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