PLAYGROUND DETROIT is announcing a call for any NYC-based artists with a Michigan ‘connection’ to do an outdoor installation at the 2nd annual F.A.S.H Fest, organized by Presence II Productions.  PLAYGROUND DETROIT has been invited back to participate for the second year, with a 10 x10’  granted open air space at the festival.

Our installation last year by Detroit-based artist, Cristin Richard was a major highlight at the festival and was very well-received by the public . This year, one finalist will be selected to display their work at the Detroit-based festival event. In partnership with non-profit organization Spread Art, we are offering the selected artist a two-week residency program so he or she may construct their work in Detroit, and do the installation themselves.

This exciting opportunity gives groundbreaking artists and creators to travel to Detroit  to create and showcase their unique work in Detroit’s own vibrant art scene. This event is an anticipated city-based festival which will include a broad range of engaging activities and events to celebrate Detroit and Michigan talent. Festival partners and sponsors include: The Detroit Free Press, StyleLine Magazine, the City of Detroit, and the Detroit Creative Corridor Center.

The main goal of Michigan F.A.S.H. Fest is to, ‘Create, Collaborate, and Celebrate’ Michigan Talent. We are making Detroit a ‘go-to’ for international creatives to show their latest collections and work. To bring together people to support each other and drive business to Michigan, especially the Metro Detroit area! Our tagline is, “Business supporting CREATIVE, CREATIVE showcasing Business!”

What is PLAYGROUND DETROIT looking for from artists?  

We are looking to present an NYC-based artist with a Michigan connection. In addition, your work can be in some way a visual representation of our mission, which is “to enhance Detroit’s artistic reputation by connecting artists, entrepreneurs, and influencers to opportunities. Playground Detroit promotes artists, investment, and effective action for growth in Detroit’s internationally-connected arts community.”

Keeping within F.A.S.H. Fest’s focus, your work should also have a connection to one or all these concepts: Fashion, Art, Sound, & History. We are looking for any ties to Michigan, a reflection of your personal story in relation to Michigan and/or specifically Detroit.

It’s vital to bring artists back who have ventured outside of Michigan to pursue personal creative ventures and growth. This opportunity exists to highlight artists who are proud of their roots and history in Michigan.

Figurative Painter Francis Bacon said,

I don’t think people are born artists; I think it comes from a mixture of your surroundings, the people you meet, and luck.”

Creative, urban residents increasingly move between metropolitan areas over their career. Throughout our lives, many of us will move to different cities; however, in spite of this truth, we will always have a bond that allows us to come back and, more importantly, give back to the community that helped form us, in ways both big and small.

We look forward to something conceptual, which will be seen as a new undiscovered piece.  If you have already made this, or have a concept in response to this call, this is what we want to see for PLAYGROUND DETROIT x F.A.S.H. Fest 2013.



PLAYGROUND DETROIT X F.A.S.H Fest 2013: Requirements and Timeline 

Here are our formal guidelines to ensure the best quality and timeliness for our decision and choices for the top two finalists.

  1. Open call for concept submissions and portfolio work begins *June 17th*
  2. Deadline for concept submissions and portfolio work EXTENDED DEADLINE *July 19th*
  3. We will announce the finalist on July 22th.
  4. Residency program starts August 25th  to execute their concept and design.
  5. F.A.S.H. Fest is September 6-8th.  All work will be completed no less than two weeks prior on to event by September 4th.  This is for troubleshooting and space planning purposes so this deadline is strict.
  6. Residency program ends September 8th; artist and Spread Art will finalize departure date.

Submissions must include:

  1. Personal contact info
  2. Past show history and/or CV
  3. Personal Artist/Team Statement and/or Prior Experience (1000 words or less) (this will not affect you much if you have no prior showing history.  We just want to know more about you)
  4. Project Description/proposal coinciding with submission call concept. (1000 words or less, please include up to 5 sketches, small jpgs- max 750×750):
  5. Team members/collaborators/volunteers information/names
  6. Why does this project matter to you, us, or to the city?
  7. Images of 5 different past/current works (2 angles of each unless a flat photo, print or painting etc..small jpgs- max 750×750)
  8. Past work and new concept design will consist of painting, photography, large-scale sculpture, video, print work, sound design (not music or band based), and technology based work.
  9. $25 application fee applies.

Please submit your work online HERE.

To Submit a Proposal:

Fill out the entry form by 11:59pm ET on July 15th, 2013. The earlier you submit your project, the more help our Curatorial Team will be able to provide you! So please don’t wait until July 15th to submit!

We will begin notifying artists by July 22, 2013 if your project has been selected to be part of PLAYGROUND DETROIT at Michigan F.A.S.H. Fest 2013.

If you already know what you’re doing, then SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT now!

If you need a little more info, here’s the criteria we use to evaluate your Project Proposal.

INSTALLATIONS are fixed-location works of art that remain up for the duration of PLAYGROUND DETROIT at Michigan F.A.S.H. Fest. Some examples include sculptures, collectives, and multimedia projects.

Your project can be submitted by an individual or collective of individuals of any age or experience level. Projects will be selected based on creativity, interactivity, structural integrity, context and impact, sustainability, feasibility, budget, and community involvement.

Creativity: Your project, whether it’s an installation or a performance, should be visually stunning and wildly innovative. Your proposal should follow our given concept, theme or central idea.

Interactivity: Your project MUST provide continuous interactivity with visitors. This could be as simple as a way visitors can move, influence, or play with your art, or by engaging the audience in your performance. It could also involve you or the audience transforming, adding to, or otherwise fundamentally altering the art project over the course of the weekend. In the Submission form, please be sure to fully explain how your project will be participatory and interactively engage visitors at Michigan F.A.S.H. Fest. Consider a modular design for ease of transport and installation and tear-down.

Sustainability: Please consider your materials carefully. Where do they come from? Where will they go after the weekend is over or when your project is done? Given the temporary nature of these Installations and Performances, please consider creating your work from found waste materials, or using waste materials in your project that can be reused after your project is done.

Feasibility: Please note that you will be responsible for the design, construction, maintenance, installation, execution and tear-down of your project. Installations must be designed to be disassembled. Your proposal MUST include a cleanup plan.

Budget: Think carefully about how you will acquire the materials for your installation performance. PLAYGROUND DETROIT cannot guarantee funds to complete your project, but will offer funds if available.