DAY TWO: Time to keep the stamina up and move into another day (and night) packed with essential Detroit performers for the 2017 Movement Festival. Sunday, May 28th is all about celebrating the origins of techno music, as well as exploring ways that the genre has been “elevated” since its birth. (*See Kevin Saunderson’s Origins Elevation Showcase.)

PLAYGROUND DETROIT picks of essential Sunday performances is comprised of artists who have taken the basis of techno and brought it to new heights through creativity, innovation and  style.

Detroit Yoga Lab presents: Movement Yoga // 1:30-2:45PM [Made in Detroit Stage]

Movement isn’t ONLY about the music- (sort of) but it’s also a chance to connect with your mind, body and soul with a free mid-afternoon yoga session presented by Detroit Yoga Lab located in Midtown Detroit. This popular studio is offering a chance to alleviate stress and fatigue in the body, focus on a calming energy and ultimately do something healthy for yourself!  Practicing yoga can leave you walking away in a refreshed and vital state so with all that is going on this weekend, this is a much needed activity. Salute the sun and open your mind, lungs and hearts to a curated yogic experience from one of Detroit’s prevalent studios.

Brian Kage // 2-4:00PM [Pyramid Stage]

Producer, DJ, engineer and Label Manager Kage was brought up in Detroit city. An avid techno enthusiast, he helped to spearhead the notable label Beretta Music, which nurtured many second wave techno producers and has also yielded releases from a contemporary generation of producers and DJ’s like Seth Troxler, Luke Hess, and Alex Israel.

Taking the reigns and spearheading newer techno house and dance label Michigander, Brian Kage has been putting on for the city in a big way with a mission to “showcase how faces and places in Michigan have played a role in influencing his music.” Kage is a classic and passionate deep techno artist who pushes his successful career forward while also developing others with a collaborative nature and a love for the game.

The Saunderson Brothers // 3-4:30PM [Star Gate Stage]

Some may think it’d be easy being born into reigning techno royalty, but The Saunderson Brothers are one of Detroit’s hard working and collaborative forces on the contemporary circuit.  Brothers Dantiez and Damarii are the second generation of Detroit music history, and they are here to take a bite out of the scene as precedent would predict.

They are both artists on father Kevin Saunderson’s KMS Records, a label celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The duo makes posh sounding house and techno that has shaken up the Movement festival in years past- make no mistake, this is not their first rodeo.  The Saunderson Brothers obviously have roots in the culture and elevate it through their modern interpretation of Detroit’s essential electronic sound.

John Johr //4-5PM [Movement Main Stage]

Producer, DJ and party promotion king John Johr has spread the sounds of electronic music all over the city and beyond through his active and community based production company /DJ collective “What It Is “.  Here to observe the culture flourishing into the future,  Johr came up in Detroit during the second wave of techno and began making his mark in the late 90’s. Drawing muse from Detroit’s house and techno greats John Johr became infatuated by the nightlife oasis revealed to him in Detroit’s warehouses and underground hot spots. He continues to pay homage to the days of old through his activism in the scene today.

Johr has spent years promoting and exploring electronic sounds through various DJ residencies and music releases. Through these various mediums of exposure John Johr has put in significant efforts to encourage collaboration within electronic music scene in the city while simultaneously providing amazing experiences for those who attend his affiliated events.   Breaking out on his own, Johr founded “What It Is”  an event production company and DJ collective which plays a hands- on role in sculpting Detroit’s current electronic music community. John Johr has featured and promoted a spread of  artists through varying mediums  while still operating as a commodity himself.

Constantly compiling shows, mixes, performances interviews and more, “What It Is” and affiliated entertainment group, FSDY Detroit take the flame from the rise of techno and keep it running into the foreseeable future. By shedding light on promising talents from Detroit and abroad,  “What It Is” enables techno and house music to live and breathe in the city’s nightlife spots including Whiskey Disco, TV Lounge,  Northern Lights Lounge and The Works.

DJ Psycho // 4:30-5:30PM [Made in Detroit Stage]

Detroit Techno Militia’s DJ Psycho does it all. From spinning throwback hip- hop to classic techno and electro, DJ Psycho brings a well-rounded offering to the audience, schooling them w mixes that  illuminate his extensive music knowledge and musicianship.

As the name implies, DJ Psycho’s versatile sets create a sense of unpredictability as you never know what bangers hes going to play or from what decade or genre.

TESTPILOT // 10:30P- 12AM [MOVEMENT Main Stage]

In 2014, TESTPILOT released “Sunspot (White Space Conflict)” on Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 label and joined the techno pioneer for a legendary B2B set at SXSW. 

 Flash forward to 2017, deadmau5 following his massive ‘lots of shows in a row’ US tour, returns stateside as his techno alter-ego for his first ever solo show. Movement is the only place fans will get to experience a unique set of dark underground tracks from TESTPILOT. 

Don’t miss this super hot performance that will be sure to be the most talked about set this year!