In celebration of what is without a doubt, one of the world’s premiere exhibitions of electronic music, PLAYGROUND has you covered with our annual festival day guide of the emerging and major performances that you need to see, all weekend long. Read on below for all of top picks for Day Two of Movement 2019.

Andrea Ghita (2pm-3pm, Stargate)

Andrea Ghita’s impressive reputation defies her age; at only 24 years old, she has made a name for herself as a solo artist, and also as 1/2 of Detroit’s sister-duo “Ghita Sisters.” Her studied taste for tenebrous sounds and minimalist structures is the result being immersed in Detroit’s music culture at a young age, and her excursions into different tangents underground techno’s deep-rooted history have resulted in a sound that is cognizant of the music’s past and excited for the potential of what’s to come. Having worked side-by-side with some of the city’s greatest local talent, as well as some of the most revered names in Detroit dance music, Ghita is no stranger to the decks and will surely start things off right on Day Two of Movement 2019.

Circle of Live (3pm-9pm, Tito’s Pop Up Stage)

Envisioned and created by Sebastian Mullaert, Circle Of Live is a natural manifestation of collaborative energy and instinctual creation. Utilizing Sebastian’s unique live set-up which can accommodate any number of participants at once, artists drop in and out and collaborate as much or as little as they like. This year at Movement, he will be joined by Detroit legend Amp Fiddler, underground dance music icon Mathew Jonson, and German techno emissary VRIL

“The main intention with Circle of Live is to inspire people to improvise; let their life be an improvisation; a spontaneous expression of life. In one perspective this is a concept with clear visions and definitions but at the same time the core aim of the project is to allow both us, the artists, and the audience to drop concepts and habitual patterns in the creative process of dance and music.”

– Sebastian Mullaert

DM Nation (3pm-5pm, Red Bull)

DM Nation is many things. This sovereign musical entity arose in tandem with the Detroit Lines collective, which consists of some of Detroit’s most exciting producers in hip hop/trap/whatever else they decide to play. DM Nation’s most recognizable manifestation comes in the form of their Redbull Radio show, which features skywlkr and Black Noi$e playing some of their favorite tracks, from metal to soul to rap and much more. They frequently invite special guests to join them on air, such as Lord Gulley, Meftah, and Jonah Baseball to name a few, and their set promises to be an eclectic collection of pieces of music that are sure to hit you on one level or another, so be sure to come early and expect a few surprises.

Sheefy McFly (6pm-6:30pm, Red Bull)

Sheefy McFly does it all- literally. So it’s no surprise that he is returning to the Red Bull Stage once again. Whether it’s hosting on of Detroit’s most influential underground hip hip parties, “The Air Up There,” painting murals across the city or country, hosting his own art shows or getting accolades from his alma mater (he dropped out of CCS), McFly is prolific. This year, Sheefy promises to bring his personal sense of flair and originality to the Red Bull stage complete with his own tributes to jit, house, techno, hip hop, and much more. If an official set on the festival isn’t enough, he will also hosting and performing at four different events throughout the weekend, so be sure to check out his Instagram for more details.

DJ Minx (6pm-7:30pm, Stargate)

After nearly three decades of DJing, Detroit’s “First Lady of Wax” is still going strong. Her Women on Wax imprint has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of dance music, featuring a well-curated selection of local talent as well as a some incredible music from Minx herself.

She has been recognized as one of the “20 Women Who Shaped the History of Dance Music” by Mixmag and as one of the “Best house music DJs of all time” by TimeOut New York. Last year she was presented with the Spirit of Detroit Award for “exceptional achievement, outstanding leadership and dedication to improving the quality of life” in her city. In short, DJ Minx has nothing more to prove, and we’re looking forward to seeing that freedom shine during her set on Sunday.

Sam Austins (8pm-9pm, Red Bull)

The rise of Sam Austins has been hard to miss (does anyone remember that short-lived billboard in Corktown? You didn’t hear it from me). His unique collection of singles is impressive in variety and execution, and his full-length Angst finds Austins at his most vulnerable, a move that set the stage for the successes that he has seen as of recent. From collaborating with Takeadaytrip to being mentored by Pusha T, his charisma and potential have caught the attention of people all across the industry, from Billboard to Lyrical Lemonade and from Ebro to Boi-1da. Given his stratospheric trajectory over the past year, it’s likely that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Sam Austins before 2019 is over.

Gucci Mane (9:15pm-10:15pm, Red Bull)

After his release from prison in 2016, many people have speculated that Gucci Mane may actually be a clone (his response: “I will neither support nor deny those accusations”). I mean, they have a point; how did the guy that let his Bart Simpson chain hit a blunt become the man who was profiled by GQ?

In any case, Gucci’s output in recent years has been just as prolific as his mixtape era, and much like Wu-Tang Clan’s inclusion at last year’s festival, this time slot seems to be a draw for people outside of Movement’s usual fanbase. Or, perhaps, it is an attempt to entice new listeners to accidentally catch some of the best house and techno music in the world.

Danny Brown (10:30pm-11:30pm, Red Bull)

With his performance at Movement 2017, Danny Brown cemented his place as one of the most memorable names in Detroit hip hop. Known for his on stage antics and questionable inclinations, the Linwood native graced the stage that night to perform songs old and new, showcasing the range of his talents as evidenced by the intriguing discography that he was brought to life. Listening to XXX, OLD, and Atrocity Exhibition one after another (and throw in a few Detroit State of Mind mixtapes, while you’re at it) is a visceral and fascinating experience, bringing to light the progression of a troubled and inspiring artist that knows who he is and knows where he’s from.

With his upcoming album on the way, which is apparently executive produced by Q-Tip, it seems that we will get a chance to see Danny Brown in his prime. In his own words: “Before, I felt like I was trying to fit in—but for the first time, I feel like I’m making music for me. I know Danny Brown’s sound, and I’m just doing what Danny Brown knows how to do.”