Sara Marie Barron ‘Angel Numbers’ EP Release- Coming Soon With Your Support

Sara Marie Barron ‘Angel Numbers’ EP Release- Coming Soon With Your Support

Singer-songwriter extraordinaire Sara Marie Barron, who was awarded the Motown Accelerator Artist Grant in 2020, has been putting in the work this year preparing for her biggest project to date. Angel Numbers will be Barron’s third music release and latest body of work following Sad, but True and Existential Glam, each which have garnered acclaim from Billboard, Pop Matters, WDET and more

With her anticipated upcoming project, Angel Numbers, she aims to raise $10,000 via her Kickstarter campaign, all of which will go towards producing, marketing and distributing the upcoming EP, (**Spoiler alert- Live Album Premiere at Willis Show Bar on June 2nd, ticket information below.) 

If you aren’t already a fan- there’s an immediate charm and elegance to Sara Marie Barron’s voice. And that voice, along with her engaging stage presence, has cultivated a poise between the swoon of soul, the charisma of jazz, and the effervescence of pop. Barron’s voice glides and flutters with a sleek refinement; there’s a coolness and a comfort to her songwriting, as she crosses that distinguishing line where the emotions of vulnerability and heartache in the lyrics arrive at a clearer-headed reflectiveness and self-celebrating resoluteness.”

You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: being an artist is hard. No matter what the medium, artists have historically struggled to gain access to the resources necessary to make their art. In a limited creative economy, artists are deciding to take it into their own hands and depend on the support of friends, fans and kind strangers to help bring their creative visions come to life. 

In 2017, I recorded my first album, ‘Sad, but True,’ at Detroit’s infamous Russel Industrial Complex. Thanks to folks like you, I was able to crowdfund the expenses for the entire album, including PR costs, session musicians, studio time, mixing and mastering and a music video. The support that accompanied my decision to take the next step in my music career is one of THE only things that gave me the confidence to actually do it. Since then, I have played countless shows around Detroit — even some in NYC, Montreal, Boston and Toronto — recorded another full LP, and been awarded the Motown Accelerator Grant (which helped me produce and distribute ‘Existential Glam’). 

– Sara Marie Barron via

It really comes down to the fans for independent artists making their own way into the industry. “The common thread in all of these bodies of work is the people who believed in me. So much of being an artist — especially one with no label or management support — is the unfaltering ability to believe in yourself. But, sometimes, you need someone else to do that first. I have been so lucky to be surrounded by other musicians, music lovers, friends and family that have given me that gift,” Barron beams.

Her Kickstarter campaign ends on Tuesday, May 31 2022.

Don’t miss the Live Album Premiere on June 2nd @ Willis Show Bar!

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