While a lot of Detroiters (and a lot more non-Detroiters) were at The Movement this past weekend, another downtown scene was busy creating some serious dance moves of its own. There were countless after-parties around the city hosted at bars, clubs, and lofts/warehouses. The ADULT CONTEMPORARY AFTERPARTY was at held at a loft downtown in Capital Park, there were six acts on the bill, which included our favorites:

  • SLUFTER – Detroit, MI- Will bounce you across the dance floor as you struggle to cope with the discovery that it’s all happening LIVE before your very ears. Check out SLUFTERS SOUNDCLOUD, PD recommends listening to “Blue Skies.” 
  • SPLASH – New York, NY- Lo-fidelity Jackson 5/Prince…….yeah that’s it.
  • BONES – Detroit, MI- Pure, raw, uncut Detroit tech that will make you wonder aloud, “Is this guy DUTCH?” Naw buddy, Bones from Detroit.” -VIA the Facebook Event Page

PLAYGROUND DETROIT copped an exclusive interview with Antonio Manzari of SLUFTER. Manzari is in association with the Detroit-based crew Scrummage University, and resides in Eastern Market downtown. While SLUFTER is relatively new to the solo music scene, he has been performing with other bands for years.  He is one to keep your eye on- his masterful solo performance is mind-blowing. Nothing is pre-recorded, all the beats are performed LIVE BY HIMSELF. He performs with three keyboards, a laptop, and a massive collection of beat and drum machines. During his performance at ADULT, he had an unexpected guest performer who heard the party happening from outside and made his way to the stage to join him. As SLUFTER performed, the mysterious man tapped him on the shoulder and they started to play together-more on that in the interview!

PD: We love your sound! How do you describe your music?

I’d say my music is a result of my obsession with 80’s RnB and old video game music all wrapped up in a sort of modern-electro package. Sometimes it gets really abrasive and raunchy though, like the track “Blue Skies.” I have a love for synthesizers, drum machines and playing live samples.”

PD: Who are your musical influences?

There are a ton!… Where do I start? Parliament Funkadelic, Stevie Wonder, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Scott Joplin, Daft Punk, Justice, Koji Kondo (the guy who wrote the original Super Mario and Zelda theme music) are the ones who really got me going. I feel like I’m leaving out hundreds of others that have really impacted what I do… I could go on forever… Art Tatum, Prince, Dam Funk, Rage Against the Machine, Earth Wind & Fire, almost anything Motown, Michael Jackson…”

PD: When did you start performing as Slufter? Where was your first show?

My first Slufter performance was in February 2010 at Division Street Gallery. Nick George (a friend of mine who books shows and makes music) offered me the gig and I took it without really having a clue to what I’d do! I’m glad he offered that show because I put together some songs that turned out really well and have gotten a pretty awesome response.”

PD: How long have you been working with all your equipment?

I’ve had my equipment for about three years, but I’ve been playing piano since I was a little kid. My grandpa bought me a little Casio keyboard when I was around seven years old for my birthday. Honestly, I think that was the start of Slufter! I’d sit in my bedroom for hours playing along to the funny Casio drum beats. Now, I do that same thing in front of people, just with fancier drum machines.”

PD: Do you know T-Bone? What did you think of the show you just played together? Will you record a track with him?

I don’t know him at all! T-Bone came out of nowhere and improvised along to my song “Samus” with his dazzling trombone! That man made my night. He’s a street performer (rumored to have been a member of the Parliment Funkadelic All-Stars) that I had never met…but now that I think of it, I’m pretty certain I heard him jamming a Teena Marie song on the street in Greektown! I thought it was super fun. It was really nice to have someone up there with me, especially impromptu like that!”

 PD: The audience loved it too! What’s coming up for Slufter? Any new tracks or album?

I have TONS of unreleased material. There will be some new releases throughout the year. I’m also working on booking a short US tour. Check out my soundcloudfor updates. I’m looking for some singers/rappers! Anyone interested can contact me at

 If you’d like to book Slufter send a request to

Check out a video from the performance at ADULT below! Photo below of T-Bone and SLUFTER performing together.

Slufter is Antonio Manzari. Detroit-based.