Summer at the MOCAD Homestead Featuring Raphael Saadiq, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, and Tunde Olaniran

Summer at the MOCAD Homestead Series in collaboration with El Club returns to the Mike Kelley’s lawn for the second killer line-up on Sunday July 22nd of the to present yet another  night of music hosted in ‘plein air,’ featuring the best aspects of a summer festival, except with shorter bathroom lines and less sunburn.

Raphael Saadiq

The headliner is Raphael Saadiq, hailing from Los Angeles, a man whose musical presence has contributed to some of the world’s best R&B for more than a decade. Fans of all ages have surely experienced his work, from D’Angelo’s “Untitled (How Does it Feel),” to Solange’s hit, A Seat at the Table. He also has connections to Detroit through his work with The Ummah, a collective that included the great J Dilla, as well as A Tribe Called Quest’s Ali Shaheed Muhummad, who will also be featured.

Ali Shaheed Muhummad

Muhammad is perhaps best known for his work with ATCQ, but he also has cultivated a successful solo career, working with the likes of Faith Evans and Mos Def, among others. “Brown Sugar,” his collaboration with D’Angelo, arguably set off what is now known as the Neo-soul Movement, a musical essence that has travelled near and far, influencing artists such as  Erykah Badu.

Beyond his musical contributions, Muhammad’s quest for promising talent inspired him to starting his own label in 1999, which led to further work with his colleague and collaborator Saadiq.

Tunde Olaniran

This stellar lineup becomes even brighter with one Michigan’s most innovative and talented performers featuring Flint’s own Tunde Olaniran.

“Detroit has a lot of people that know good music, make good music- there are proud of musicians that come from here. I’m hoping for a good, diverse mix of people, inter-generationally, racially, from different ethnic backgrounds- I think it’ll be really fun to see who pulls up a lawn chair.” Even the supporting talent are fans of one another: “I’m just excited to see [Raphael Saadiq’s] set, I’ve never seen him perform live. I’m looking forward to kicking back and enjoying that,” he confesses.

With an incredible ear for production and vocal range, Tunde’s music is emotive and undeniably engaging. But aside from his musical range, Olaniran’s performances are engineered down to every last detail- carefully tailored to add depth to each sonic offering, through his unique wardrobe and on-point choreography that fit together perfectly to round out his always astounding artistic experience.

Based on the previous MOCAD show, it’s safe to say tickets will sell out. Buy your tickets here!

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