Techno & House Research Group debut THRG001 series at Marble Bar

Techno & House Research Group debut THRG001 series at Marble Bar

Beginning as a few friends sharing music on Facebook, Techno & House Research Group has since evolved into a YouTube channel and most recently, a music presenting organization with their inaugural THRG001 event at Marble Bar on Thursday, April 18th.

The concept for the show was simple: to play quality music for good people in an inviting atmosphere. The manifestation was a lineup of DJs and live musicians sharing their inspirations and work with listeners that they thought would appreciate it. The result was a night packed with a crowd that was more than satisfied with their choice of a Thursday night move, and a group of music enthusiasts excited about the potential of a small community that they had created together.

Gilad Granot

Gilad Granot and Sean Ronan started off the night, providing the dance floor with a sample of the group’s collective taste while mixing in personal favorites of their own, giving each set a distinct presence that simultaneously contributed to the cumulative energy of the event as a whole. The room was comfortably occupied even shortly after doors opened, which was a good sign of things to come for attendees and organizers alike.

Sean Ronan

By the time electronic duo ke thu took the stage at 11pm, the room was buzzing with excited friends and new supporters having a good time. ke thu’s blend of ambient live electronic was a thoughtful midway point for the night, giving the audience a chance to see them craft their songs in real-time before giving way to the last two selectors of the night, Jeff Garcia and James Koltunchik.

ke thu
Jeff Garcia

The best parties don’t try to be too much, and end up being more than anyone expects. Such was the case for THRG001- a casual yet deliberate presentation of music that was humble in form and remarkable in execution.

James Koltunchik

Weeknight parties can be hit or miss, especially for new presenters that have yet to prove that the experiences they provide are worth the cover. Techno and House Research Group has made a great impression with their debut showcase, and if they can capitalize on the momentum of a successful first run, we hope to be seeing a lot more events in the near future.

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