THRG003 Featuring Jay Daniel, Ke Thu + Madelyn Grant at Marble Bar on August 29th

THRG003 Featuring Jay Daniel, Ke Thu + Madelyn Grant at Marble Bar on August 29th

When Techno & House Research Group [THRG] was profiled in April 2019, the budding music collective had just finished hosting their first successful party at Marble Bar. Fast forward to August as they gear up for the third installment of THRG: Re-discovery, a series built around the idea of sharing music with one another and with the people that support them by making each show a unique and memorable experience.

THRG003 features what may be perhaps the most exciting lineup to date. Resident live act ke thu will kick off the night with a new ambient set, accompanied for the first time by the talented and equally ambitious Madelyn Grant.

Madelyn Grant

The evening will feature sets from THRG residents, along with a special appearance from Psy-chick.


Headliner Jay Daniel, whose prowess in both production and DJing has earned him acclaim both locally and abroad caught up with us in preparation for the show. Read the interview below, and mark your calendar for Marble Bar this Thursday, August 28th for THRG003! // $5 cover all night long-opening set starts at 9pm.

Jay Daniel

Broccoli: As a DJ whose played around the world, wow does it compare playing in cities vs. playing a set in Detroit?

Jay Daniel: Cities abroad are different because they’re not as acclimated to the culture as people in Detroit are. People say Detroit has the toughest critics.

B: What is your thought process when you’re DJ’ing or producing? Do you have a certain approach that you consistently return to, or is it mostly a response to what’s happening in the moment?

JD: I used to look at DJing as an extension to production. I got into production in order to get more gigs overseas, but the more I got into it the more I separated the two. When I produce now I just like to make what I feel, not just one genre of music.

B: If you had to describe your music to someone in just a few words or a sentence, what would you say?

JD: I’d say my music is quite avant-garde.

B: What is your favorite environment to perform in?

JD: Some of my favorite cities to play in are Tokyo and London, just because of the vibe.

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