Transit PolicyLab is a three day gathering focused on transit and mobility issues facing Detroit. The conference will be a super fun, connective and immersive experience. We will work together to dream up solutions through workshops, presentations and sharing our collective knowledge. Also, we will be drinking in all that lovely Port Austin has to offer including camping, craft brews, local food and karaoke.

Knowledge & Thoughtfulness

After the Storm is a consortium of like-minded Detroiters who are working in different ways to make Detroit a better place. We believe that knowledge and thoughtfulness are two of the most valuable essential assets to achieving this. Our ethos is IDEAS+ACTION. We operate on design thinking, testing commonly held assumptions, an openness to risk and experimentation. We have come together because we see a lack of representation for our voice and ethos – the talent, organizers and leadership working on the ground in Detroit.

Key Facts

What: conference

Dates: June 3-5th

Organizers: After The Storm

Topic: Transit & Mobility Conference

Where: Port Austin, MI

Partners: Detroit Up North (Festival) June 5-7th // New Economy Initiative // Global Shapers: Chapt. of World Economic Forum

The backgrounds of the After The Storm organizers include media professionals, transit and startup attorneys, creative directors, renewable and environmental subject experts, social entrepreneurs, graduate students and more. We represent organizations such as The Build Institute, Global Shapers, the Detroit Land Bank, Model D media, WDET, Human Scale, Studio Teal, Playground Detroit, Assemble Sound, Recovery Park, Declare Detroit, and Detroit Up North, just to name a few.

10156135_650821941661344_1311053676056656288_nWhy: Connect, galvanized & activate diverse range of doers working in Detroit around relevant issues.
Why: We first came together because we noticed policymakers, from our vantage point, do not understand or represent our full point of view. A view that we have because we are here doing the work. The conversation and policy at the state level affects us and it’s important for us to meaningfully collect and share the salient insights from our view.
This first manifested as Assemble Mackinac(ish) a gathering in Charlevoix, right across the lake from and concurrent to the Mackinac Policy Conference. PLAYGROUND DETROIT was thrilled to attend and participate in the group excursion [check out our photos]. Our group live streamed the event and formed structured responses; what we heard, what we liked, where we disagree and what recommendations we would offer.

This Year we decided that we wanted to set our own agenda. With the Regional Transit Authority on the ballot in 2016, we are throwing our collected brains at the multifarious and complex issue of transit in Detroit.

Impact: Beyond the issues that we tackle, our conference is a force in galvanizing, amplifying and elevating our collective abilities. The collaborative and intimate nature allows for meaningful and productive connections to be made.  And the proof is in the words that our participants from last years conference used to describe how they felt moving forward: energized, recommitted, more connected, elevated and shocked into action.

Act Now: Apply before Sunday May 24th, 2015 evening and the 50 available spots are filling up fast. More info, application and support opportunities can be found at the groups website.  Just a heads up that the last days to apply to join our conference this year are upon us.

—–> <—–
If you have any barriers getting in the way, such as not having time to fully fill out the questions on the application, feel free to fill it out as best as you have time for and write ‘pass’ or ‘n/a’ if you need.
This year we have multiple options for accommodations including indoor beds, access to proper showers and bathrooms as well as the classic BYO tent and sleeping bag option. We will most likely ask folks bring their own pillows, blankets and such but we will also plan on having some on hand for those who will need ’em. We will also invest in a couple extra tents incase people want to share / don’t have a tent already. We will do what we can to make roughin’ it as smooth and easy as possible.
Program Deets:
This year we are working in leisure time for people to check out the lake and other Port Austin-centric excursions (Hello Turnip Rock!) But when we are getting down to it, we will be conducting a scenario planning workshop on transit issues in Detroit to create a vision for some of the specific challenges / opportunities unique to Detroit.
Reporting Back
Lastly, our plan this year is to publish a report that documents our conversation themes, ideas and recommendations that emerge. That report will be shared with the city, state and transit leadership (and to the world at large) with all of our names and faces recognized as participants.
Check out more of PLAYGROUND DETROIT’s photos from last year’s conference…