Vanessa Cuccia “Gemini” Music Video Release at The Warehouse on October 18th

Vanessa Cuccia “Gemini” Music Video Release at The Warehouse on October 18th

The Warehouse will host its first one-night experience featuring the premiere of artist Vanessa Cuccia’s music video, “Gemini,” and live piano concert on Tuesday, October 18th in Corktown, Detroit, Michigan.

The space boasts its own unique take on a traditional music venue. Guests walk into a spacious, dimly lit arena, featuring a baby grand piano and furniture that mimics a nostalgic and eclectic den, accompanied by a selection of cocktails and wine. The curated environment including couches and coffee tables are not only to enjoy while you bask in the hypnotic, musical stylings of Cuccia’s original compositions, they are available for sale. 

Guests are encouraged to relax and make themselves comfortable, as if they are simply friends invited into Vanessa’s own home. Enjoying a glass of wine, listening to the piano while she sings- guests may enjoy the immersive and shoppable experience to purchase furniture pieces as a memento for what will surely be a night to remember. With influences from jazz and classical, Vanessa’s music will soothe as much as titillate listeners in an extraordinary new music venue.

Tell us about this visual and music collaboration!

I am premiering my music video “Gemini” along with giving a live performance on October 18th. Though the video was completed months ago, I have put off releasing it because I wanted to have it shown live, and in the right venue. The song in the video is a stripped down version from a track on my record, “This is a Spell.”

I had released this album during the pandemic with plans to go on tour which were obviously completely halted. After all this time I have still not performed anything from the album live. But because of the delays and broken plans I realized that I am perhaps not meant to perform in traditional music venues, anyway.

Photo by Carlos Martí.

When I received the opportunity to create my own atmosphere at The Warehouse equipped with my own piano, I knew the time was now to curate an experience that would better suit my desires as an artist. I need to go beyond the music and encapsulate a specific energy that will serve the music, the audience, and the visuals. Also, I have trouble approaching venues and really don’t know how to go that route. 

Where are you at in your musical career?

I remain an independent artist, fully self-funded. This event is part of a larger project I have in mind to offer the community of artists in Detroit and what I want for myself as a musician. But, we’ll see how Tuesday goes first. 

Photo by Carlos Martí.

What’s the inspiration for this project?

“Gemini” is a song about the way our bodies move toward certain death, many of us choosing convictions to carry ourselves there, and the worry that comes from not knowing what you stand for. It’s about how ego has trouble identifying itself when you see all sides of a story. 

Where was this filmed? What was the process like to fuse the creative/ art direction with the music and the visual expression of the song?

The video was filmed in Mexico City, after meeting the director Matías Contreras and cinematographer Borja V. Conde in Detroit. When I later met with them in Mexico City to film, we had a few meetings discussing the visuals. Each scene is inspired by a different painting with a figure in a strong physical position.

After filming and watching the edit, I decided to alter the song to match the video better. It was such a beautiful visual and all shot on film I felt that the production of the song needed to be more minimal. I took away the beat and added a layer of piano. We all felt that this was the right move, and I also liked giving the song new life specifically for the video. That version of the song is only available with the video. 

What do you envision The Warehouse to be?

The Warehouse is a massive blank-slate that I envision being molded to create completely immersive events. This particular event I’m hosting is set up to look and feel like a den. I want the audience to feel like they are hanging out at my home, relaxing while I play piano in the soft dim light. We have furniture pieces from Fred’s Discount Furniture that will dress the space, and actually, all the furniture will be available for sale. I look forward to the different ways artists and small businesses can merge together in this way to create memorable experiences. 

Can you share a bit of your musical background for those who may not be familiar?

Most people may know me as the founder of Chakrubs, The Original Crystal Sex Toy Company. Before I started Chakrubs I had been in the arts my whole life with focus on piano and theater. When I was living in California, I was offered a record deal but was given an ultimatum. I hadn’t yet incorporated my business and was told I had to choose between music and Chakrubs. The deal didn’t go through and I decided I never wanted to be under the control of someone because I needed their money to make my dreams come true. Chakrubs has found some success and while I’ve been running it for the past 10 years, I have been continuously making music in any way that I can. 

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

You can stream my album, This is a Spell, on most platforms or buy the record at And you can follow me on Instagram, send me a message if you want to be involved in creating more magic in Detroit.

I’d also like to mention the incredible crew we had in Mexico City. The production was incredible and gave me memories I’ll have forever. 

Directed by Matías Contreas, Cinematography by Borja V. Conde, Production Design by Luis Rojas Luino, Wardrobe styling by Isabella Rudzki, and Edited by Carlos Roek. 

Date: Tuesday, October 18th

Time: 8PM – 11PM, $10 Tickets

Where: 2000 Brooklyn St. Floor: Ground Event Space

What: Live music performance with baby grand piano, string quartet, horns, guitar, ambient sounds

Plus: DJ set before / after live performance, cash bar for drinks

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