H2D15 Limited Edition Record Cover


It's a limited edition of only 50, and despite the fact that they actually look pretty slick, they are fully handmade. Razor blade to cutting matt-type shit.

We encourage you to play with it and let it get a little banged up. Let the heel sticker get a bit creased up as you use it. That’s one of the parts that is so fun and will make each copy in the edition become unique in its own way.

Absolutely *do not* frame it. Keep it out. Love it. Show it to friends! We hope that over time it develops the wear and tear of the most loved records in your crate.

Each one is signed, inside on the record label. Inside is a description sheet that has a QR code to the process video.

Note: the record itself is non-playable - this is a handmade art object, not music, Haute to Death’s mixcloud is linked via @hautetodeath social and website.