my great grandmother used to live here (Displacement Detroit series)


Digital photograph, 5 x 7 inches, 2019.

"my great- grandmother used to live here" is a part of the series, Displacement Detroit, that traces the artist's familial history through the physical locations where they lived in Metro Detroit, and documents the vacant lots where their homes/residences were once built on. "Through documenting and archiving the vacant lots these structures once occupied, I aim to preserve--primarily through photographical memorabilia--and emphasize the importance of recording the history of residential housing in Detroit. Furthermore, I desire to understand the importance of racial and demographic representation in the archival record and develop ways to avoid displacement and distortion of community narratives. This is the catalyst to the ongoing project, of the same title, focusing on communities and individuals who share similar stories of demolished homes, residences and spaces of importance which have affected them and, ultimately, the city at large."

In response to the coronavirus crisis, 10% of proceeds will be donated to Gleaners Food Bank.