“Do Not Call Me A F–ing Rapper” reads a poster Sheefy McFly drew for the wall in his apartment. Indeed, he has worked hard to become a diverse artist who cannot be boxed into being called just another rapper. He is a music producer, painter, party promoter, teacher and mentor for youth, giving more energy to creating his art at the young age of 23 than most people will commit to over their lifetime. Over the past year, he has released several music projects independently through his Web pages, including an instrumental album and a four-song EP with the rock group Sheefy McFly and the Delorians.  -VIA Michigan Citizen, “Sheefy McFly Hosts Hip-Hop Showcase

PLAYGROUND DETROIT asked McFly, the talented up-and-coming artist and rapper, why he’s been in ‘the air’ recently. With his monthly hip-hop showcase, unmistakable artwork and his individual style, he embodies an urban artist learning to become an entrepreneur, working day to day -or ‘hustling’ as it’s called in the D- to make it all happen. The next monthly hip-hop show, The Air Up There, is on March 30th at Bob’s Classic Kicks, check out the flyer below for more details! Local acts Lord Scrummage, CHIP$, Breezee One and more will be performing.

How long have you been rapping for? Who are your biggest influences?

I’ve been rapping for like 13 years, but I’ve been taking it more seriously and getting paid from rapping for like four years now.  I’d say some of my strongest influences would be Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Jay-Z, Danny Brown, Rick James, and Curtis Mayfield.

We heard you have worked with one of them already-Danny Brown. Can you tell us about that? How do you know each other?

He rapped over a few of my beats and shit. He’s cool. I worked with him more before he had the “haircut” though…he had the braids. I started doing work with Danny through my homie, CHIP$, he’s a Bruiser and he reached out to me, and has just looked out for me a lot of ways. [FREE CHIP$!] I have produced for all the Bruisers though, so I’m kind of an unofficial Bruiser.

How did ‘The Air Up There’ start?

‘The Air Up There’ AKA TAUT is my creation, my baby. I collaborated with Bob’s Classic Kicks to throw the first event because I was interning there since I was 16. As I got older, I went to CCS [College for Creative Studies] and started doing music more seriously; I asked Jason [Owner of Bob’s Classic Kicks] if I could throw a event at his store. He let me do it since it was difficult for me to get other gigs… At first, it was sneaker parties with a few performances…now it has evolved into TAUT and we’ve been going for three years and still running strong.

What is most exciting about doing the shows is helping the Detroit scene evolve;  I just get a high from seeing how many people I can pack into the shoe store. I just love creating a positive atmosphere where everyone can prosper.”

Where do you live in Detroit? How does the city affect you and your style, lyrics?

I stay in Woodbridge, a historic neighborhood in Detroit. My surroundings have a major influence on me, from just observing the ruins around the city, and wondering what it once was, I obtained a vintage style- living in a hipster-ish neighborhood. And yeah- it affects my lyrics too; all I do is smoke weed, and hang with the baddest of the babes in Detroit.

What’s your favorite piece of clothing you own?

I got these Chuck Taylors I had for like three or four years. They are hole-y as fuck and beat to shit. But, they been with me on many stages, art shows, and a few girlfriends…so I keep them around. [Smiles]

What have you been working on recently?

Count Mack and myself just formed a group named G.M.C. (GET MONEY CRU) and we are releasing a album sometime this spring. We’ve been working on the album for about a year or so, I produced half and he did as well and we are just ripping the beats most def a album that will get any party started. I don’t want to say much about the album I just want it to drop out of the sky and change lives. I also have been collaborating with Lord Scrummage and at the upcoming TAUT show we’ll be releasing “Smoking Triangles.”

What do you think Detroit will be like in five years? Ten years?

In five years, Detroit will evolve from all of the turmoil that has been haunting the city with an artistic revolution- that is going on now actually- within the city. But in ten years… I believe Detroit will have the same strength and beauty it did 60 years ago.



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