Audetorium // Recentering Ourselves at PRISM

Audetorium // Recentering Ourselves at PRISM

Starting the weekend off at Art Groupie and Playground Detroit’s event, Prism was a pallet cleansing experience.

The last three days have been a calming retreat into a hazy, dreamlike wonderland presented by the team Art Groupie in collaboration with Playground Detroit.

The experience of attending PRISM, the three day event inside a warehouse in Detroit (by way of Wonderland or some melting Salvador Dali painting) was a fantastic way to iron the wrinkles out of our brain and relax while dancing and drinking cocktails created by the experimental cocktail bar Castalia at Sfumato.

The first night we arrived, after parking our car in an open field, we quietly made our way into the venue through a crack in the warehouse’s enormous, iron doors that had been chained shut. This was definitely not the right way into the venue, as there was no one from the event to greet us, but it only added to the mystique of what we were about to experience. Small rocks crunched underneath our feet in an empty room as we wandered our way through the warehouse, following the sounds of a performance by Ahya Simone which had already begun. When we made it into the room where the performance was being held we were greeted by billows of fog wafting out of the dimly lit room while Simone performed to a quiet crowd. Entranced by Simones siren song, the rest of the night could have lasted ten hours or ten minutes, all we know is that we left feeling like we had just emerged from a depravation tank, relaxed and more in tune.

Smash cut to night two where we spent the evening laughing and talking to our good friend, artist Patrick Ethen, under his blacklight laser beams he had created for the event while listening to multiple DJs shovel out the beeps and boops that got the whole room moving. Other attendees made their way to “the green room” where they could enjoy pre-rolled joints courtesy of the hosts. As opposed to the calm energy we left with the night before, we left the second event feeling electric.

Night three attendees were guided through a session of sunset yoga while being immersed in a sound bath created by Sophia E. meant to take the electricity from the previous night and harness it into productive energy for the week that would follow.

Finding events like this to attend while living in the city are not just a good way to unwind, they are a necessary head change after the daily grind we get ourselves use to. Through the grant funding of leading group messaging platform, IRL – Art Groupie and PLAYGROUND DETROIT has created a fantastic way to welcome in the changing of the season. For our chakras sake, we hope that this event is something that we can look forward to every year.




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