Bulk Space Workshop “Writing for the Contemporary” for Marginalized Artists starts October 1st

Bulk Space‘s upcoming workshop, “Writing for the Contemporary” is organized by Jova Lynne, Jessica Allie, Meg Kelley, Sara Nishikawa and Clare Gatto, to create space for marginalized artists to have some of the most essential conversations about entry points into the art world right now. It’s through the lens of writing, but it is also about sharing insight and access to the often exclusionary facets of the art world.

The workshop starts this Thursday via Zoom, accessible from anywhere, and is offered with a sliding scale to anyone. This means any artist can pay what they can, no questions asked. Interested artists should email with an artist bio and artist statement.

Christin Lee of community partner, Room Project: “The conversations and changes taking place in Detroit feel hopeful to me when so much else is crumbling. More than anything I want to encourage artists to support each other, be in deep conversation with one another, and interrogate every last assumption that can sometimes feel as invisible as the air we breathe. I want emerging artists on a first name basis with Jova, Jessica, Meg, Sara and Clare. I want artists to ask hard questions and take radical pride in their commitment to their practice and values.”

BULK SPACE is a collective dedicated to uplifting the works of marginalized artists in taking up physical and digital space.

BULK SPACE understands first hand the needs of marginalized artists and are committed to building platforms for success via community conversation, exhibitions, and performance in which we identify and develop resources for all of our participants.

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