Michigan Chronicle // Wave Check: “Glam Tech” uses hair trend to “Make Waves” in new Detroit Exhibit

Michigan Chronicle // Wave Check: “Glam Tech” uses hair trend to “Make Waves” in new Detroit Exhibit

Words by Ashley Stevenson. Posted on September 28, 2020

The Make Waves exhibit is a first of its kind hair sculpting experience full of vibrancy and detail. Created by Kristina “The Glam Tech” Beaty, currently on display at Playground Detroit.

The exhibit features an absorbing collection of pictures and sculptures, paying bold homage to Black culture. Beaty, born and raised on the Eastside of Detroit, finds inspiration from her upbringing. She is an award-winning hairstylist known for her eclectic hair sculpting. The Make Waves exhibit does not disappoint with its creative approach to hair waving, “she has expanded the practice beyond the traditional head-form to create dimensional works of art that comment on contemporary culture and style while celebrating the art form that shaped her childhood. “ – Playground Detroit.

Waves (finger waves, 360s, etc.) have been known as a staple in the African American hair community. It is even jokingly referenced as a style worn by early Egyptians. The iconic style, perfected over the years by various stylists, has been used as a wealth, beauty, and royalty style. In its original prime, celebrities like Josephine Baker could be found sporting her waves in the 1920s. This same elegance is captured in this exhibit that features a life-size mannequin draped in a hair ensemble, crowned with a stunning piece striking to the eye upon entering the exhibition.

Full of powerful statements, a part of the collection serves as a tribute to Colin Kaepernick, a legendary NFL player known for his passionate activism. The piece includes textured coils on top of an adorned shirt with Kaepernick’s name displayed across it. Other sculptures take you on a twist and turn of waved elements blended for a visual burst of color, texture, and design.

The “ Make Waves” exhibition is on view during Detroit Month of Design and is part of Design Core Detroit’s Design in the City Competition, a collaboration with Gucci that paired 12 local fashion and accessories designers with commercial spaces to host installations of their work. It is safely on display at Playground Detroit, located at 2845 Gratiot Ave, Detroit, MI 48207.

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