Creative Capital Announces the 2020 Application with $100,000 in Artist Grants

Creative Capital Announces the 2020 Application with $100,000 in Artist Grants

Are you an artist? Are you looking for a way to elevate your passion? No matter what type of creative discipline you choose, you should check out the Creative Capital Award, which supports authentic and bold artists from all parts of the country and they just opened up their 2020 application.

The Creative Capital award grants individual artists up to $50,000 in project funding with an additional $50,000 that supports the artist through career development services.

“This is not a rug//A Sun Bonnet Women” By: Polly Apfelbaum
*Actual photo is called Life Spirit 2018

This year they have already awarded 58 artists who work across various mediums from literature to visual arts to dance to technology and the list goes on. Over 700 recipients have benefited from the award since 1999. Polly Apfelbaum’s project, “This is not a rug/A Sun Bonnet Women” won the 2019 award with her installation containing hand-woven carpets, ceramics, drawings and immersive colors. The Museum of Modern Art has featured her work along with Brooklyn Museum and Frith Street Gallery in London.

Niv Acosta’s “BLACK POWER NAPS” also won and has been seen on VICE, BOMB Magazine and New Museum. The project creates a space for self-care with healing stations that focus on rest, restoration and black joy.

“BLACK POWER NAPS” Photography credit: Niv Acosta

Artists who apply, expect to provide a short and long form description, a few samples of your work and answer questions about what it is exactly that you do. If preliminarily accepted, prepare to be asked to submit a full application in July if chosen to advance to the next round. Don’t worry though, you can check out past judges and awardees as they offer advice on how to shine, be innovative and stay calm during the application process.

Think big! This grant award is a next step in your career, even if you don’t win on this platform.. remember like Drake said at the Grammy’s,”YOU ALREADY WON.”

Application details:

  • To apply: Free submissions but put some pep in your step. Deadline is 2pm on February 28th.
  • Creative Capital funds artist projects in all disciplines. No matter what genre or discipline, the most competitive projects take risks and articulate an original vision.  Learn more about past artist projects here.
  • You have to be at least 25 years old, a working artist with at least five years of professional experience and a U.S Citizen, permanent legal resident or an O-1 Visa holder.
  • There are three rounds in the application process, the timeline and details can be found here.
  • Curious to know who Creative Capital’s panelist are and how they review applications? Check out their Interdisciplinary Method of Reviewing Applications

Featured image: KQED Arts’ Bay Brilliant, Amara Tabor Smith.  (Photography credit: Jean Melesaine)

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