It’s nearly impossible to be an arts enthusiast in Detroit without hearing the name Sheefy McFly. A dapper native oozing Detroit style, this visual and recording artist has bestowed a bountiful body of projects to date which span from his visual art, hip hop and electronic music and event production for over ten years.  An anomaly and undeniable talent, you can find the work of this creative chameleon inspiring awe in fine galleries just as you may find Sheefy McFly serving as debauchery ringmaster moving sweaty bodies into the wee hours of the night with his frank raps and ghettotech DJ sets.  He has independently released over 20 albums(!), not including “Edward Elecktro,” which was released through Mahogani Music in 2016.

Recently voted “Best Artist” 2017 by Detroit Metro Times, it is clear that he spares nothing in his craft. This year is no exception- Sheefy McFly is set to release his forthcoming album ‘MURALS’ on May 6th just in time for summer. PLAYGROUND DETROIT caught up with the inexhaustible artist to get an inside look at the upcoming ‘Murals’ album along with his other various projects debuting throughout May.

Sheefy McFly‘s ‘MURALS’ album reflects overarching themes of development and vitality. It also directly references his recent public artwork that can be seen in Eastern Market.  “I chose the name [MURALS] because I feel like this album is the perfect blend of my visual art and my music. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of murals and I see it’s taking my artistry to new heights. Naming the album ‘MURALS’ reflects the same vibrant growth for me musically.”

Last summer, Sheefy was invited to participate in the annual “Murals in the Market” Festival presented by 1xRun and Inner State Gallery, featuring murals and public art installations from over 50 international artists.

Murals Album Artwork, Tashif Sheefy Turner


According to Sheefy, ‘MURALS’ will differ from past music releases, pouring out his inner psyche and resonating with listeners in a new way. “MURALS is my most well rounded independent album and I’m very proud of it. I feel like it’s my most mature testimony and I put a lot of time and emotion into it. I feel like it’s a painting I’ve been working on for over a year. I’m just happy for people to hear it.”

MURALS has a total of 17 songs with beats and features from some of Michigan’s favorite artists. Featured guests include Nick Speed (Embarco Entartainment), Marcutio (Young Heavy Souls), THE SEVENth (AGO), Crate Digga, DonnieTAUT,  Dusty Fingerz, Jay Norm and Hir-O  (Mellow Orange Music) decorate the album creating an all star production squad.

The album also boasts features from some of the city’s hottest emcees, with vocals from Phat Kat, Milfie, Chavis Chandler, J-Kidd, Mic Phelps, Marvwon, Shay Lewis and now distant Detroiters James Linck and Sol Le. As Sheefy McFly describes, this album will give listeners a glimpse into the life of a day- in and day out artist incessantly yearning to inspire.

All I do is create. It’s what I live for, it’s all I know. This is all I want to do with my life so this is all I do with my time. ’MURALS’ is for that weird black kid in the ‘hood that gets picked on who can’t identify with anyone and needs insight on being a creative. MURALS is for Detroit… I wanted to make the perfect album to cruise around the city to.”

In addition to creating music and art, Sheefy Mcfly has a well-known involvement helping emerging artists in Detroit blossom. With his long standing Surreality and TAUT (The Air Up There) showcases, he has helped countless artists gain exposure and confidence. He has also taught in classroom settings, mentoring young artists to find their footing in the art world. “I’ve helped plenty of now famous and up and coming artists and musicians with their first stage to rap on or wall to hang on its almost surreal.”

Starting out Sheefy McFly took heed of legendary Detroiters:

I push my creativity to unique limits because that’s how most of the people I came up around (Moodymann, Danny Brown, Shades, Sintex) created. I’m always trying to evolve once I develop a new art style or attack a new musical genre. I work hard to become a master artist visually and sonically.


Photography credit, Kristin Adamczyk

Sheefy Mcfly is known for his ability to bring eclectic groups of people together. Because of this community he has developed over the years he has gained many long term followers, while also bringing newer residents into the mix- always serving a hearty helping of Detroit flavor whether they’re ready for it or not. “Detroit has always been my biggest influence because I’m born and raised here. I gained global attention from my hometown without leaving. Detroit has taught me life lessons, given me musical and visual inspiration, and also granted me opportunities to become my own type of creator. I love my city.”

He is a high-speed train with no signs of slowing down with a very busy month planned for this May. “I’ll be having art exhibitions and dance parties surrounding the MURALS release and my set at the Detroit Movement festival. [Unofficial] Movement parties will be held at Exodus (Greektown) and Nathan’s Deli.”

In celebration of  his upcoming debut at Movement Electronic Music Festival, PLAYGROUND DETROIT Presents “Move Bounce Shake” showcasing a new print series created by Detroit-based artist SHEEFY at Detroit is the New Black.

This solo exhibition presents characters inspired by Detroit’s vibrant nightlife, prolific artist Keith Haring, as well as Paxahau’s annual Movement festival in Hart Plaza. The bold colors and outlines reflect the effervescent energy that engulfs the city during epic parties and events. SHEEFY immortalizes these irreplaceable experiences on wood panels, hand embellished prints and limited edition t-shirts.

Join SHEEFY for his full-length studio album release party (TAUT 8th Year Anniversary) for MURALS on May 6th at Marble Bar and don’t miss our opening reception on May 26th to celebrate his debut performance at Movement Electronic Music Festival with his latest body of work “Move Bounce Shake” at Detroit is the New Black. (Header Image Photography by Jeff Cancelosi)