Detroit Rose & AYU Holistic launch HERE: A Workshop Series

Detroit Rose & AYU Holistic launch HERE: A Workshop Series

HERE is an exploration in wellness, movement and cultivating personal ritual with Samantha Jameson of AYU Holistic and Deirdre Skiles of Detroit Rose. They are both passionate about health, wellness, beauty, and building meaningful relationships within their community.  This workshop series and retreat were born out of their own inner explorations of healing, with a shared desire to normalize the healing process within community. In March, this multi-part series launched in Southwest Detroit with Detox, and will continue with additional workshops.

Deirdre Skiles is an artist and clean beauty entrepreneur focused on healing through ritual, experience and community. Her natural wellness company, Detroit Rose, creates natural candles and organic skincare here in Detroit. You can find more of Deirdre’s creative work on her blog, Drama Club.

Deirdre Skiles, Founder of Detroit Rose

“We are all doing work to heal- and we want some of that work to happen in communal spaces.”

– Deirdre Skiles

Samantha is a multi-dimensional healer and intuitive counselor.  She incorporates yoga, meditation, Reiki, Ayurvedic Medicine and tarot in her healing sessions.  It is through the blossoming of her own healing that Samantha continues to evolve and master her role as a healer to all others. The inspiration in developing this series was the hope to cultivate a sense of ‘oneness’ where all can come into a shared space, and just be, HERE.

Samantha Jameson, Founder of AYU Holistic

“Our hope is that HERE is an invitation for others to come and share space with us.  Not because we have all the answers, but because like attracts like and energy is magnetic- so if we can offer sacred space, we can all heal together and raise each other up,” Jameson explains.

Each workshop has a specific title and theme that mimics the healing process – this started last month with Detox to rid the body, mind and energetic being of anything blocking us. These blocks, whether we hold on to them consciously or subconsciously, can hold us back from living our greatest lift- from fulfilling our dharma (the path we are destined to walk in this lifetime).

Guests make their own bath soaks and scrubs at the Detox Here Workshop.

After attendees release and let go, they move into the Nourish phase. This second workshop is all about self love, self mastery, being kind to our body, mind and spirit- and learning how to tap into what it is that we really need to fill space with. We could think of ourselves as raw at this point, because detoxification rids and resets us- so now is the time to fill up from the inside out.

The next event, Nourish will take place on Saturday, April 6th from 11-2pm.

Each of the workshops consist of movement, a VERY important element to tapping in to explore yoga, free style movement, dance, and more!

Meditation is another element throughout each workshop, for meditation is the window to the mind. This will help explore the interworking of attendees psyche and accelerate the healing process.

Beauty and self-care rituals will be a large part of each workshop. From creating your own bath rituals and goodies to go along with it, to exploring specific herbs, flowers and essential oils that supports your healing processes, to learning facial and body massage techniques- yes- you’ll even get to leave with your own face and body oils!  Reiki, guided meditations and visualizations, as well as other alternative healing forms will be explored.

Bowl of Himalayan Sea Salts from the Detox Here Workshop.

Expand Workshop

The workshop series ends with Expand, taking place on Saturday, May 4th from 11-2pm.

More about Expand: You’ve let go and purified, you’ve loved on yourself and filled up from the inside out- and now it’s time to shine! To expand your Light outward, shining Light on to your loved ones, on your job and passions, on your city, on your tribe. This is where the energy we put out radiates and will also come back to us tenfold as a continuous cycle of giving and receiving this healing energy. Enroll here.

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