Electric Corpse is Matthew Dallas on Guitar and lead vocals, Laura Abbruzzese on Drums, Megan Marcoux on Keys, and Danielle Kain on Bass. Although the impetus for the group is appropriately sad and tragic for the bands name, [see below from another recent interview with lead singer Matthew] the growing response to their music is quite impressive.  Currently the bands self-titled EP boasts being “most-popular at #1 on the new-wave list” on bandcamp’s website.

Think “goth”…. Having heard the band’s music, it’s gorgeous, stark-yet-layered music reminiscent of Joy Division, and — considering the band members’ ages — it’s easy to assume that this was a group of young people creating an image of darkness, a gloomy facade to surround themselves with (as so many young people do) to give themselves a cool air of gloom and nihilism.

Almost every song in the Electric Corpse arsenal is about Galanek’s girlfriend of five years who died. “Two are about four years old, and I like them so I carried them over from my previous band,” he says. “They’re all about the same subject.”

Galanek, the songwriter of the band, has been through true tragedy, the sort of experience that no person in their 20s should have to go through. Naturally, that experience had a huge impact on his life; when he sits down to write songs about what affects him the most, those are the feelings that pour forth. So the romantic tragedy, the beautiful gothic sound of Electric Corpse, is very, very real. It’s authentic, it’s honest and it’s natural and, though what happened to Galanek and the people surrounding him is horrible, it is refreshing to hear new dark music that isn’t cynically constructed.”

-VIA Electric Corpse’s dark shadows, Metro Times article, Brett Callwood


Where did you grow up in MI? Where does the band live now?

All over SE Michigan. We live in Waterford, Macomb, and Ferndale.

How long have the lead singer, other members been making music? What’s your earliest memory of music in your life?
Matt: I was four years old and was staying with my godfather who is a musician. I remember him playing, “This One Goes Out to the One I Love” by REM for my godmother and that made me want to make music. I have been playing guitar for 20 years.

Laura: I have been making music for about seven years.

How long has Electric Corpse been together?
We’ve been together now for six months. Matthew, Laura and Megan have been involved in other projects with each other in the past before Electric Corpse though.
Why ‘Electric Corpse’?

We came up with the name in the very beginning and it is fitting with our music. [See other interview, Electric Corpse’s dark shadows for more info.]

When did you release your record? 

We just have our EP out right now. We have plans to record a LP in the next few  months. There will be a release party for it.

What are your biggest influences musically?

Interpol, Love and Rockets, Danzig, The Pixies, The Smiths

Does Detroit’s music history inspire you?

Very much so. It is great playing in an environment where so many great musicians have come before us and played music that affects so many people.

What’s your favorite venue to play in Detroit?

Small’s in Hamtramck.

Favorite place to dine or drink?

Fast Eddies in Mt. Clemens, and Gusoline Alley in Royal Oak are our favorite places to go for drinks.

Do you listen to other Detroit musicians/bands? Any favorites?

Michael Mars and the God Particle, Rogue Satellites, The Restless Days, Hotel Motel, and Darkwave are some of our favorites to listen to and play with.

Where do you see Detroit in 10 years?

Thriving! We see so many great things going on in Detroit, so many wonderful artists and projects in this community made up of creative people, that I’m sure there will be big and exciting things happening in Detroit in 10 years. We are happy to be a part of the city right now.

What’s next for Electric Corpse?

Our next big show is opening up for CRUD for their CRUDdy XXXmas Holiday Bash on December 29th at The Ritz in Warren.

 Check out the EP review from Examiner.com.