Feminist Brand Northern Fashion Launches in Stores at The Market at Macy’s

Feminist Brand Northern Fashion Launches in Stores at The Market at Macy’s

The Future of Fashion is Female: Detroit-based Northern Fashion recently launched its fashion brand this past April with a feminist spin on each piece they designed. Available online as well as at The Market at Macy’s, Northern aims to encourage a positive narrative while speaking about women by way of fashion.

The brand’s pieces include t-shirts with messages that help suggest better language and terminology when referring to women. The products speak for themselves, including phrases such as “Passionate, not emotional. Leader, not bossy. Determined, not stubborn.”

The female-focused line celebrates women by turning negative, condescending language into a positive, reaffirming and empowering dialogue.

Co-founder, Jenna

At Northern’s recent launch party, women ranging from elementary school girls to adult professionals weighed in, divulging their personal experiences regarding inappropriate language related to describing women.

Serene Ozeir, a medical student, purchased Northern’s Stubborn/Determined tee as it spoke directly to her and the challenges she’s faced as an Arab American woman.

“Everyone—from peers to coworkers to people in my social circle tend to see a strong, opinionated young woman as an oddity. I’m determined—determined to finish my studies and become the strongest doctor my community has seen,” says Serene.

Despite her young years, even third-grader Sophia expressed her frustration with the way classmates often refer to her as bossy. “I’m not even that bossy,” she said.  “I just hate it so much.  I like joining and talking just like they do, so it’s not fair that they call me bossy.” Sophia bought the Bossy/Leader tee.  

Liz, an account manager for a specialty pharmaceutical company has been called everything from aggressive to stubborn to a “know-it-all.” “I feel that the disparity in the language used to describe men and women is NOT okay and should never be tolerated,” says Liz.

For women who are sick of the negative connotation in the language used to describe them, Northern has a t-shirt to address the offensive verbiage.

Shop the brand’s products at The Market and Macy’s at Twelve Oaks Mall and online now.

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