Up-and-coming Detroit DJ MGUN performs tonight at Output in Williamsburg, along with fellow Detroiter Robert Hood. The show is at 10pm and tickets are available online. Scroll and click on the poster for tickets purchase info!

Earnestly positive, Gonzales radiates the infectious energy that categorizes his home of Southwest Detroit. Emerging as one of the first collaborators on Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats label, he quickly made a name for himself with the crushing raw analogue techno sessions of the abbreviated New School Nineteen Ninety Four Techno Project (NSNT PRJCT). Since then, he’s worked under the production name MGUN and graced UK label Don’t Be Afraid, Wild Oats and most recently Will Bankhead’s Trilogy Tapes imprint with his unique, sticky slow-motion acid-tinged techno.” –Juno.com

When did you first start making techno music? 

When I was about 16 I started focusing on Techno productions. I had been producing other sorts of experimental, ambient and noise some would call it from the age of 12 or so. After having an understanding of stereo equipment and sound experiments I then knew music was what I wanted to put my efforts toward.

Funnel Vision is your latest release. Do you have a favorite track?

Funnel Vision is a great example of MGUN productions in a nutshell, hard and nasty percussion with an atmospheric topping. I really try to go places with my tracks, maybe touch down on an emotion or vibe thats deep within myself then express it with sound. One of my favorite tracks is one that no one has heard except a handful of close friends. It can be heard by all in good timing.

How is your MGUN music different than your Savant project?

Savant on the other hand is more on the experimental and ambient side of my productions. Whether it be dance infused or not, its more-saturated and distorted by using analog recording techniques.

How does Detroit as a city and your childhood there affect you and your style? 

Detroit definitely has its influences on my music because living here I have obtained an ear for different styles of music and a vision for things that could better me and have positive outcome. There are many opportunities you can come across here, its just which one is best for you. There are great people and great things happening everyday in the city.

What do you love about Detroit? What do you think about a lot of the changes in Southwest Detroit, where you grew up?

I appreciate that there are so many cultures mixed together- straight to the point- you get to absorb these cultures through food. You can have a Greek dinner and 10 mins later you’re in Mexicantown having dessert. Or your driving up Warren Ave  and all of a sudden you can find great falafels and fresh produce. The food culture really is diverse.

In all honesty, the attention that has been brought to the Southwest area is kind of funny. Theres been the recent “hipster” and out of towners moving in due to the cheap rent and low-priced forclosed homes. But as long as everyone is doing there part it should be a better place to live. Downtown has had a lot of upgrades and is starting to look very modern and more clean than before.

Describe what you imagine Detroit to be in 10 years.

I think that the city could be very prosperous and will continue to make new developements if all the corrupt and negative power control comes to an end.

What are you currently working on? What’s next for you? 

I’m currently touring and producing quality music…Perhaps a full length album and some more Savant releases.