Haute to Death is taking Detroit to the Satellite Fair (plus a few favorite artists!) in Miami for Art Basel 2017. For the 3rd annual Satellite Fair, they are showing work from Lindsay Cashews, Jade Lauren and John Bain Griffith; paired with artifacts, imagery and an immersive installation from Jon Dones and Ash Nowak, aka Haute to Death.

The work in this show all revolves around the contexts of club culture and self actualization- a subtle message that culture is created by people, ideas and principles that transcend specific time or space. While there is no shortage of inspiring happenings during Basel, Satellite is one of the more spirited and exuberant art fairs, focusing primarily on what and who is next from the realm of independent and emerging galleries, curators and art collectives.

As curators, they have worked tirelessly for the past six months to put together a show that they know will do Detroit right. Now, they could still use some help to make it happen effortlessly! As you can imagine, fair participation (especially on an international platform) is costly, and they still need support to really make it shine.

To help off-set costs for this adventure, they have set up a mini crowd-funding campaign to help with participation and installation costs, and thanks to the generous donations of friends and family, have already met about 20% of our fundraising goal! There is less than 2 days to meet the $5k goal! We are confident they can get there with your support. Any amount truly helps, and there are some really rad rewards for donations of all levels!

Another way to contribute is by sharing the fundraising page and event tour page with friends, and letting them know why they should support or attend! Sending the info to your channels makes a huge difference… and it goes without saying, but *please* hit them up if you’re in Miami!

Why is this so important?

Detroit offers a lot for a creative quality of life, but very little for creators to elevate to higher echelons of the industry… Haute to Death has jumped in, taking agency over a collective narrative and individual narratives of those who’s work and well being are important and complimentary to their own.

Working with their community allows them to keep our vision un-compromised by the forces and demands associated with other forms of funding that support work like this. Being able to stay true to the vision makes what H2D does impactful and intriguing. It comes from a real pocket of creativity and it helps people care and connect. When more people connect and buy into the work, they help to raise the ceiling a little bit higher for what’s possible as a career in Detroit as a creator.

The role that Haute to Death plays in the bigger picture of Detroit and our creative community is to help improve that ecosystem, and make a Detroit-based creative career a little more viable as a major part of what drives their work. As you might know it has been a big year for Haute to Death, celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary. They are more committed than ever to represent and amplify our family and extended creative community in bigger and badder ways than ever! Raising this flag for our people is at the center of their mission for the next 10 years of Haute to Death – as a party, as curators of sound and vision, as ambassadors of our movement.

Link to IG:https://igg.me/at/H2Dartbasel

Follow them on our FB Tour Eventhttps://www.facebook.com/events/145594162866238/

Featured image credit, Jon Dones for Haute to Death.