Michigan Legacy Art Park & Charles McGee Art Fund Artist Residency Program Seeks Applicants

Michigan Legacy Art Park & Charles McGee Art Fund Artist Residency Program Seeks Applicants

In 2019, Michigan Legacy Art Park, a nonprofit arts and culture organization in northern Michigan, honored Charles McGee with our Legacy Award for his lifetime of contributions as an artist and a mentor.

As the arts community learned of the passing of Charles McGee at the age of 96, we all mourn for his loss, and also seek to also celebrate his incredible accomplishments in his lifetime and career.

The Charles McGee Art Fund was created in 2019 to inspire the next generation of sculptors and artists from the Detroit area.

The no-cost application is now open for submissions for the two-week Artist Residency program, presented by Michigan Legacy Art Park, supported by the Charles McGee Art Fund, is dedicated to supporting emerging artists from the Detroit area.

The first open call for applications launched for this new residency to honor Charles when news of his death arrived. The Michigan Legacy Art Park | 2021 Residency is seeking artists to apply now for the 2021 residency program.

The online application is free and available here.

“The Charles McGee Art Fund was established to inspire young and emerging sculptors who live in the Detroit area — a region where McGee has spent the majority of his life. McGee’s career has been intimately tied to Detroit, the city he arrived in as a small boy and lives in to this day at age 96. McGee has not only contributed public artworks that have shaped Michigan’s landscape, he has made a decades-long impact as a teacher, mentor and gallerist, supporting young artists. It’s in this spirit of place inspired by McGee that the residency is designedand dedicatedto supporting Detroit area artists.”

The Art Park’s mission is to be a showcase for experiences that combine Art, Nature and Michigan’s history together. The park hosts a thirty-acre outdoor space with 2 miles of hiking trails, in a wooded preserve located at Crystal Mountain Resort & Spa in Thompsonville.

The park’s collection features over fifty monumental works of sculpture, an outdoor amphitheater and concert series, over thirty poetry stones in seven languages, and hosts thousands of students each year on educational field trips to the park.

Residency Details: http://bit.ly/2NYVRPL

February 1, 2021 — Online Applications Open
March 31, 2021 — Application Deadline at 11:59 PM EST
April 16, 2021 — Notifications Sent to All Applications
October 11 to 24, 2021 — Residency at EMU Parsons Center, Lake Ann Michigan

Funded by the park’s new Charles McGee Art Fund established in 2019, the residency will award one emerging artist from the Detroit area a two week creative retreat that includes lodging, studio space, and an honorarium for living expenses, travel and materials. Artists will also enjoy the nearby inspiration of the park and artworks, spectacular in Autumn’s peak color season.

More about the Charles McGee Art Fund Residency

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