Pusha-T Celebrates 1800 Seconds Album in Detroit WSG Sam Austins & Monalyse

Pusha-T Celebrates 1800 Seconds Album in Detroit WSG Sam Austins & Monalyse

1800® Tequila and hip-hop legend Pusha-T celebrated the release of his 1800 Seconds album with a special performance at The Garden Theater in Detroit on Thursday evening. All of the 1800 Seconds artists performed their tracks live with Pusha-T closing out the show. As the inaugural curator, Pusha-T found 10 aspiring hip-hop artists to launch 1800 Seconds, a new recording and artist discovery platform. Pusha-T personally selected each rising artist for 1800 Seconds for their individuality and unique music.

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The rapper sought out ten underground artist from across the globe. They were given a total of 1800 seconds on a compilation album mentored by the pioneer himself. Among the ten artists, Detroit’s very own Monalyse and Sam Austins were given the opportunity to fly out out to LA and create their perfect track for the album.

This opportunity was a special experience for two Detroit-based 1800 Seconds artists Sam Austins and Monalyse.  1800 Tequila and Pusha-T chose to launch the project in Detroit, as a city synonymous with music, to showcase the talent on the 1800 Seconds album. Detroit represents many musical genres and is the birthplace of legendary hip-hop artists as a major creative hub. To download the full 1800 Seconds album, hear Pusha-T in action, meet the artists and watch the behind-the-scenes documentary, visit 1800seconds.com.

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The 10 artists include Ant White(Philadelphia, PA), Cartel Count Up(Hampton, VA), Don Zio P (Middletown, CT), Hass Irv (Harlem, NY), Monalyse (Detroit, MI), Nita Jonez (Houston, TX), Sam Austins (Detroit, MI), T Got Bank (Brooklyn, NY), Trevor Lanier (Wilmington, NC) and Tyler Thomas (Los Angeles, CA).  

Each artist had about three minutes to perform their own track on the Detroit stage. This showcase was a huge opportunity for each artist to perform and deliver on a bigger scale in collaboration with 1800 Tequila who put a lot of resources into the evening which truly felt like an industry private listening party as the semi-high vibes filled the room throughout the night.

The crowd responded in waves to each artist. Rocked hard with Nita Jonez from Texas who came out in her all black leather fit and her stilettos performing “Rockin Heels.” People seemed to love LA artist, Tyler Thomas who wasn’t shy to tell Detroit about some “Player Shit.”

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Detroit native, Monalyse performed “Me & My” and took the crowd along her poetic journey of self-love and self-worth. Sam Austins was someone else who stood out and killed the stage with his track “Motivation” grabbing everyone’s attention with his high energy and trap-pop cadence. Every artist brought their best during their time to shine, with this experience bringing a lot of confidence to their presence, and hopefully to future endeavors.

The night closed out with Pusha-T performing his classic tracks, including “Grindin” and “Mercy,” and as a response, the nostalgic crowd rushed to the front. If people were there for Pusha-T, or for the ten artists was not the point, however the emerging artists that hit the stage each got a glimpse of what their bright futures look like ahead of them. Stay tuned to find out how far they go.

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