RESPONSE. Brings Creativity to the Fight Against COVID-19

RESPONSE. Brings Creativity to the Fight Against COVID-19

RESPONSE. is a new music label and media company created during the Coronavirus to use art to fight the disease -all while giving artists a platform.

The brainchild of Detroit artist Alex Wilcox, RESPONSE. stems from a passion for findings ways that artists can continue to engage with audiences while also supporting the greater cause. It’s more than just about creative resilience in a time of crisis, but also about exploring the role that art can play in spreading awareness and directing resources where they are needed most.

“We are hoping to grab people’s eyeballs with our art, and then encourage them to donate to Direct Relief, an upstanding charity that helps get PPE out to those who need it.”

The labels debut track, is one that has a special meaning for Wilcox:

“This track, RESPONSE., was made a few months ago after I attended a techno-trance party in Berlin. I normally wasn’t into trance, but my friend Miro told me to check out this certain party. The party is called “CRUDE” and is ran by a nice person named Theresa. Tommi 3000, a big part of the Copenhagen Trance scene, was playing fast and melodic trance. The crowd loved it. I’d never experienced a trance set in a grungy environment full of young people wearing black. I also loved it, and was thrilled to see people getting down to music at 140 and higher.

I used to make music at that speed, but felt a bit pressured to go into the 120’s or low 130’s. After this night, and subsequently diving deeper into the Copenhagen Hard-Techno scene, I’ve gleefully been producing at 140 and higher. 

This track was an attempt at making something that would make sense in a Copenhagen Hard-Techno set. Its fierce energy is warlike, and I hope it motivates people to stay strong and do their part to fight the virus – whether that means staying home, donating, or contributing in any other way.”

Check out the website below, and look out for more content coming soon!


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