Populace Coffee Releases PLAYGROUND DETROIT Cafe Bag for COVID-19 Support Partnership

Populace Coffee Releases PLAYGROUND DETROIT Cafe Bag for COVID-19 Support Partnership

Populace Partner Support Bags is an amazing new concept launched by the fine folks at Populace Coffee. In order to provide support their friends and partners during this time, they have decided to use their web platform to sell coffee for a good cause and help keep Small Businesses above water.

So… what does this mean? If you purchase a cafe specific bag from their website, the small business you choose to support will split the revenue directly with them. Cool, right?

Help PLAYGROUND DETROIT by purchasing a bag of coffee that will directly help their business. Half of the purchase price goes directly them while the gallery is mandatorily shut down.


PLAYGROUND DETROIT is an art gallery and creative talent agency. Our mission is to create opportunities for artists and creative professionals to develop Detroit’s creative economy.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have been forced to close our doors, leaving our public community space empty. We have postponed our programming, events and exhibitions until further notice.

However, we remain committed our mission and to find ways to continue to support and sustain our artists, as well as the Detroit arts community at large. Your support enables us to continue to do the work behind the scenes and continue to develop ways to sell artwork and promote artists, in need more than ever.

We look forward to hosting our supporters and the community at large in the near future with your continued support! You donations allow us to bring in $500 of MATCHING Grant Funds from GoFundMe during this turbulent time. 

Support PLAYGROUND DETROIT, Special Edition Coffee


The coffee inside of the Support Bag is our House Blend. This blend has been with us since the beginning and has been a staple in most of our partners cafe’s. It is a blend of coffees from Guatemala and Colombia. We could consider this a medium roast and is a nice chocolate/caramel/cherry cup. This coffee is versatile. You can pull a shot, make an ol’ fashioned pot, or slowly pour water over a bed of grounds in a beautiful chemex/v60/kalita. Enjoy!

If you think any other cafe could benefit from this, share this post with them or have them DM us. We would love to work with them.

Thank you all for your support during these unprecedented times. We can’t wait to be back to 100%.


Located inside the lobby of the The Siren Hotel, Populace is the in-house coffee roaster and bar, features coffee drinks, fresh roasted coffees, and pastries baked right upstairs at Karl’s. Stand at the counter, return to your chamber, or seek a corner of the lobby for stimulating conversation.

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