“Show of Hands” Caroline Del Giudice Solo Exhibition Features Sculpture with An Attitude

“Show of Hands” Caroline Del Giudice Solo Exhibition Features Sculpture with An Attitude

Show of Hands is Caroline Del Giudice’s solo exhibition featuring sculpture that emphasizes the mechanized qualities of post-cyberspace and surveillance capitalism, fusing the disembodied online experience with tangible Emoji hands symbolism.

Caroline Del Giudice is a mixed-media artist and fabricator based in Detroit, Michigan. In 2020, she completed her Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture at Cranbrook Academy of Art, and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and Anthropology from Kenyon College. Born in Arlington, Virginia, Del Giudice relocated to Detroit in 2015 to pursue a career in the arts.

Her work references the continuum of our online interactions, as they leach into the psyche of society and manifest in the physical world. The collective impact of digital media systematically affects the world, creating a new culture that is obsessed with self-expression, validation, and persuasion; incessant liking, ranking, and voting dominate our worldview and images of self.

Despite its potential to be a liberating technology, digital and social media has become an algorithmically controlled machine that influences real life conditions. As exclusively digital interactions and experiences become standard, she emphasizes and questions the driving forces behind the screen.

She explains, “We are inundated with images, headlines, memes, and advertisements. We are trained how to feel, think, and react. Experiences in cyberspace manipulate how individuals engage with one another, spend money, and how we process information. Much of this processing occurs subliminal and clandestinely, and there is so much information to process that we may even forget to be skeptical and to question, thus facilitating the rise of wholesale industrialized social engineering.”

Caroline Del Giudice’s practice is a materialization of her fascination with power structures, cultural institutions, and human interaction. Her current body of work is focused on power and communication in the current digital age of late capitalism. We exist in post-cyberspace, the intersection of virtual, physical, and mental domains where our experiences online increasingly control the reality of our lives. The line between these worlds is blurred.

In 2017, she started a custom metal fabrication business, currently working out of a metal fabrication and machine shop in Redford, Michigan. Del Giudice is a 20/20 Emerging Artists Fellow 2020, as well as a recipient of the Mercedes-Benz Emerging Artist Award from Cranbrook Academy of Art.

The exhibition will be on view by appointment with limited viewing hours at PLAYGROUND DETROIT, 2845 Gratiot Avenue through Saturday, December 19th. Make an individual viewing appointment here.


Thursday, November 19th





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