Sound Society Detroit debuts at Marble Bar ft. Show Me the Body, Zelooperz, Tiny Jag and Cuppetelli & Mendoza

Sound Society Detroit debuts at Marble Bar ft. Show Me the Body, Zelooperz, Tiny Jag and Cuppetelli & Mendoza

As a part of their growing promotional and creative efforts in the Detroit, Pabst Blue Ribbon hosted its first PBR Sound Society event at Marble Bar on December 5th, bringing together an eclectic sampling of Detroit music along with New York’s Show Me the Body, topped with free PBR and an interactive art installation by Cuppetelli and Mendoza, curated by PLAYGROUND DETROIT.

DJ Minx. Photo credit, Lizz Wilkinson.

DJ Minx and Charles Trees properly set the evening’s vibe starting the night off with their lively soundtracks in the main room and outdoor stage, highlighting the open bar happy hour that greeted early attendees. Around 10pm the first live performance of the night took the stage, with Jaye Prime and her band bringing their characteristically smooth sound, her impressive vocals supported by the talent of the musicians she played with. 

Charles Trees. Photo credit, Lizz Wilkinson.
Show Me the Body. Photo credit, Lizz Wilkinson. 

Soon after her set ended, things started to get heavy. Show Me the Body came on stage and immediately turned the dance floor into a mosh pit, with an expectedly unrelenting presence that has earned them a reputation far beyond their DIY roots in New York’s hardcore scene. For those familiar with their music, this was a rare chance to see them perform in Detroit (for free no less) and for those that weren’t, there was no denying the energy that took over as soon as thy stepped foot on stage. 

Jaye Prime. Photo credit, Lizz Wilkinson.

Next came Detroit’s Tiny Jag, who continued this heaviness in a form all her own, presenting her mix of darkly obscured vocal delivery and the softer nature of her singing voice, especially in songs like “Riding / CUT HER HAIR.” 

Tiny Jag. Photo credit, Lizz Wilkinson.

Meanwhile. on the upper mezzanine, curious fans discovered a site-specific art installation entitled, “O-Movement” by Cuppetelli & Mendoza, encouraging them to investigate and explore the movement-responsive technology and light-infused work. Upon further interaction, viewers could control the endless stream of 0-shapes, by tracing the wall with their arms or dancing to create distortions and movement. 

“O-Movement” Cuppetelli & Mendoza. Photo credit, Lizz Wilkinson.

On the main stage, Zelooperz followed up with an erratic and engaging set inside that featured deep cuts from his discography along with newer tracks, all with his uniquely loose yet powerful style and supported by DJ skywlkr.  

Zelooperz. Photo credit, Lizz Wilkinson.

The night ended with a two-hour DJ set from Detroit’s Jimmy Edgar, whose creative identity extends beyond music into the world of art and film, including two exhibitions in Italy and several others in New York and Miami. 

Jimmy Edgar, Photo credit, Lizz Wilkinson.

Edgar’s studied sound selection brought the night to a satisfying close, capping off a successful presentation of quality music that served as a refreshing example of how branded events executed with local talent and partners can still retain authenticity, even in a world where that seems to be increasingly rare. Sound Society’s focus on a diversity of musical talent hit the right note, as local and national talent came together focused on the thing that matter the most- the Music.

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