The Inaugural “Cartoons & Stereo” Event Seeks to Connect Music, Skateboarding and Beyond

The Inaugural “Cartoons & Stereo” Event Seeks to Connect Music, Skateboarding and Beyond

Skateboarding and music naturally go hand in hand, two subcultures that consistently celebrate pushing the envelope of what is socially acceptable. Simultaneously informed and disgusted by what is popular at the time, the main rule of both mediums is as follows: if you’re good, you’re good, and if you care enough, being good is not the most important thing.

stoop lee (aka Ade Olaniran) is a product of both of these environments, having grown up in Detroit as a skater kid while also finding his way into music. When he first had the idea to throw “Cartoons & Stereo,” a festival of skateboarding and music in Detroit, he started by seeking the advice of those that have come before him. After reaching out to Garret Koehler of Assemble Sound, who eventually connected him with Derrick Dykas of Community Push, the pieces started falling into place.

“(Community Push) has been a force supporting behind this since I first pitched the idea, and I’m grateful to be working with them to throw this event at one of Detroit’s best local skate spots.”

That skate spot lives at Bishop Park in Detroit. As the unofficial offspring of The WIG (a space that formally hosted House of Vans as well as a variety of other community events in music and skateboarding), Bishop serves as an integral oasis for the skate community in Detroit. With his experience in music and his connection to the skateboarding community, stoop set out to curate an event that was both celebratory and accessible for fans of skateboarding, music, and beyond.

“House of Vans was a big inspiration for me, I thought that was incredible. I wanted to create that same energy, but with a focus on local talent that connects with what’s happening in Detroit’s music and skateboarding scenes.”

When asked about his approach to curating the music for the event, Stoop went with his gut:

“A lot of the artists are my friends and people that I think are doing really cool, left-of center stuff in the city. It feels like a new energy that’s coming up, expanding the sound of what’s happening in Detroit while connecting with the roots of what makes Detroit a great musical city.”

The event will feature performances by stoop lee, Curtis Roach, Ally Evenson, Whu Else, Pia the Band, and Leo Pastel, as well as local food trucks, vintage clothing pop-ups, a dunk contest, and even games of s-k-a-t-e. Whether you’ve got experience in music and skateboarding or you’re just exploring them for the first time, all are welcome to join in on this celebration of two subcultures that value acceptance, enthusiasm, and a sense of community.

“In my experience, both of these communities have been very welcoming to anyone that is willing to support and learn. If you want to get into it, we want to help you get into it, and this event is a chance for us to provide those opportunities today and, hopefully, for years to come.”

Cartoons & Stereo will take place at Bishop Skatepark (6017 Grand River Ave., Detroit, MI) on Saturday, September 17th at 2pm.

Featured image: Image credit, from .jenkemmag via Tone Marcus.

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