Detroit-based songwriter and performer Duane The New Dog has premiered his second music video for the latest track, “Beware of the Dog” available on limited white label pressings with 2 other tracks released by Chambray Records. PLAYGROUND DETROIT caught Duane The Teenage Weirdo first performing in 2011 at the Magic Stick [RIP, now revamped as the nightclub Populux] and have been following his evolution as a musician ever since.

Duane was ‘the Teenage Weirdo’ from 2010-2012 before taking a hiatus, returning to music in late 2013 as the Brand New Dog. He says, “It’s going to change again in few years-  I’m definitely feeling some sort of Bowie-Prince life/career/persona periods where I have different eras of my professional life.” As far as we can tell, this ‘ New Dog’ has the vivacious vision and tricks to be the next Prince or Bowie. Watch the video and check out our exclusive interview with him below.

Tell us about your music video! It’s incredible.

My music video is for my new track, “Beware of the Dog.” It’s a performance-based video with shots of me in a mock studio and photo sessions. It has a very late 80’s/early 90’s vibe to it. I just wanted a new video to introduce people to me as the Brand New Dog ’cause I’m definitely still on the come-up. It feels like after Teenage Weirdo I had to start all over, but I’m definitely more confident this time around. 

The song is available on a limited edition 12″ vinyl single with two other tracks on white label pressings which are available at Hello Records, Detroit Threads and Submerge Records. The official pressing will be available for order first week of June. Sean Barry shot it- I believe that it was one of his first videos he ever shot. This is also only my second music video, so it’s something new for the both of us. We shot it in late March this year at the Submerge building- basically a shrine/headquarters for Detroit techno. [Al Cassini was the lights engineer for all of the colored strobe shots, he does a lot of the lighting in Detroit for a lot of musicians.]

What are you working on now?
I put out an EP last year called CD-R EP and then in January this year I released CD-R EP 2. Later this summer I will be putting out my FIRST ever full-length album, called CD-R LP. I love all of these tracks. It’s already finished. I’m very excited.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

When I was in elementary school in the late 90’s/early 00’s I was def into Britney Spears and all of the boy bands. In middle school, I was super into Ashlee Simpson. In high school I got into Madonna, David Bowie and a lot of ‘retro’ music. I’d say now my biggest influence is early 80’s Madonna and a lot of current Top 40.  

Do you do all of your own music production & art direction? 
I do all my own music myself. 100%. I would love to get a little artistic team together someday soon, but for now I’m the lone wolf- or lone dog? I’m very into an early 90’s influenced street-underground but classy aesthetic…lots of suit jackets, berets and du-rags.
Have you done any collabs with other musicians?
I did provide some vocals on a new track for a local band called Lt. Bad recently. They do a very early 80’s b-boy break dance type of music and have very great live show. In fact, they are the mock DJ’s/keyboard players in “Beware of the Dog.” Whenever they put out that track I was on, that will technically be my first-ever ‘collab.’
You have an amazing stage act, recently we saw you perform at PJ’s Lager House. What do you want your audience to feel at your live shows?

At my live shows, I want [my fans] to feel special, like they are witnessing history or something. I just love when after a show someone comes up to me and shakes my hand, saying they had a fun and a good time. As any kind of entertainer, that’s what you aim to do for people. There will be quite a few more shows this summer; please check my official DUANE Facebook page every now and then for show announcements.

What’s your favorite thing about Detroit?

I love how big and small it is at same time. It’s not a small town that no one cares or thinks about- everyone knows about what happened here and has an opinion of Detroit. But it’s also not crowded or over-saturated to the point where your music or any project you do can’t stand out. There is enough space for everyone to get noticed if they put some effort into it. The music scene is big, but not too big and small, but not too small.

Favorite spot to shop?
Clothes? Any thrift store. And Rainbow! I like that store. As far as other local places to go, I like Peoples records. I pop in there every blue moon or so…and I like the Chess Custard pies at Sweet Potato Sensations, I live down street from there.

Where do you see Detroit in 10 years?
Bigger than big. Hopefully… everyone and their Momma is going to try to come here and make it big….