VIDEO RELEASE: MotorKam Releases Single “F*Internet”

VIDEO RELEASE: MotorKam Releases Single “F*Internet”

MotorKam-BlackDaddy is a cross genre artist whose foundation is strongly rooted in hip hop. Today, he drops the single and music video for “F*Internet” directed by djkage and Spike Spielberg. Watch the release below!

Relocating back home to Detroit after college, he found himself immersed in a scene in which he used to watch from afar; The mix of electronic music, hip hop/R&B, and late 70’s- early 80’s funk became a huge inspiration for his new sound and thus a new alias was born– BlackDaddy.

Over the past few years Kam has been honing his craft with numerous projects such as “BlackDaddy: Greatest Hits, “BlackDaddy’s Birthday Suite EP”; “NewBlackCity”, “BlackDaddy II: Being Daddy Ain’t Easy” and “YGMFU19”. As MotorKam evolves into what he calls a “One Man Parliment-Funkadelic”, he continues to provide an exhilarating experience both visually and sonicacally.

Kam has shared stages with acts such as BadBadNotGood, The Lox, Smoke DZA, Goapele, JunglePussy. Flint Eastwood, GRiZ, Muzzy Bearr, Pete Rock, Dj Assault , and many others.

What are your upcoming goals for 2020, and 2021?

My biggest goal for 2020 is preparing to hit the ground running in 2021; once COVID 19 hit I retreated back to my Jam Factory and continued to work on my sound and craft. I’ve always been on a path less traveled because my sound is so unique and it’s hard to place me, so with that I shifted my focus more on further defining my look and creating the world I want to exist in as an artist. 

2021 is about dominating for me. It’s been a long road to get where I’m at musically and I didn’t do it alone, it’s time to spread the gospel of what we created to larger audiences. 

Describe your working relationship with djkage re: producing and directing this video project, is this your first collab?

I first met djkage at a gig I did for Sheefy McFly a few years back, I performed a few tracks and he liked my jams. After the show, we chopped it up and he was a really cool guy (and he later told me someone from another publication had told him about me). We kept bumping into each other and finally we got to talking about making music and bonded over our love for late 70’s-Early 80’s ElectroFunk/R&B/Rap. Then we started knocking out tracks, F*Internet was in a pack of three beats that he sent me and I knew we had a super jam. 

It wasn’t until a while later that I discovered he was so talented at cinematography. In the past, I’ve always shot my videos with frequent collaborator, Spike Spielberg, who is also a wizard with the camera. Once I finished the song, I knew that I would need its explosive energy with the visuals, and Spike and kage proved to be such a divine combination to manifest this vision.

Can you share more information about YGMFU20 ?

YGMFU20 will be the highly self anticipated 2nd release of my YGMFU (Y’all Got Me F*cked Up) series. I started out this year with YGMFU19 which received great reviews (Available on all DSPs). Thealbum was about growing pains and separation from so called ‘friends’ and ‘lovers’ as you shed your old life and step into a new one. Being in a lonely/overlooked state brings about a strong sense of self pride in some; they look at the abandonment and say, “Y’all got me f*cked up! I’m great and it’s your loss if you fronted on me.”  YGMFU20 is the point where the sorrow becomes motivation and said person “Gets in their Bag ” if you will.  Right when I dropped YGMFU19 the pandemic hit so I kept recording and writing.

This album is so special because The Lasso (Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer) and I got into a huge creative flow and knocked out some of the most magical tracks; The Lasso Has been instrumental to my sound and growth since day one, in fact, he is a principal architect in the MKBD sound. The tracks are funky, explosive, dancy, hype, hard, and groovy; I personally believe that YGMFU20 is so amazing that I am putting out a warm up EP called “Blacktroversy” to get the fire started. That will also be a jam. 

Video/Song: “F*Internet” By MotorKam

Producer: djkage

Director: djkage

DIRECTED & Spike Spielberg

Album: YGMFU20 (Coming soon)


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