On Friday, November 9th, Will Sessions, Amp Fiddler, and Dames Brown will celebrate the release of their new project titled The One, as well as Waajeed’s new From the Dirt LP. With an impressive line-up of Detroit musicians sharing the same stage, including the one and only DJ Dez Andrés, this show will be one for the books. We caught up with Sam Beaubien, band leader, musical director, and producer of Will Sessions to talk about the new project and what the show means to him and the people that are a part of it.

Broccoli: “The One” came out last week, which is a collaborative album between Will Sessions, Amp Fiddler, and Dames Brown. Can you tell us about how that project came to be?

Sam Beaubien: As a band we’ve known Amp for a few years, we’ve done some work together in the past including Kindred Live, which we recorded live at Cliff Bell’s. Amp and I would sometimes hang out and work on music together, and one night I showed him a new track (which would eventually become “7 Mile”). He liked it a lot and started singing some stuff to it, so I just set up the mic for him and we recorded his vocals in only like two takes, just improvised, and then cleaned up a bit in post-production.

So pretty much everything you’re hearing on the album went just like that; myself and the band would come up with a rhythm track, and then Amp come over and write and record his parts just in the moment, without hearing those tracks beforehand. That’s kind of how Amp is as an artist, his life and his art are really one in the same, and his ability to create organically in the moment is something that I’m really inspired by.

B: And what about Dames Brown?

SB: Amp was already working with them, having them sing over house tracks and things like that. When we needed vocals for a song we were working on they came in, and they sounded so good that I wanted them on as much of the album as possible. They just sound exactly the same in recording as they do in real life, which I love. They don’t require a lot of studio magic to sound that way, which is a testament to their skill and talent as artists. We just put a mic in front of the three of them and had them sing together and share the space, no tracking or isolating, just really trying to capture the sound that I was hearing in the room.

B: Very cool. So tell us about this lineup and why you’re excited for it.

SB:  Waajeed and Dez Andrés are just Detroit royalty, as is Amp, so it made sense for us to celebrate this night with them together to give the audience something special. When I was coming up, I was listening to Detroit hip hop like Slum Village, eventually finding my way to Waajeed and his work in hip hop and beyond, and then of course Amp is both this amazing multi-talented musician as well as the guy that showed J Dilla his first MPC.

So for the crowd, and especially for me personally, I think it’s really special to have all of these people in the room at once, which is something that doesn’t happen often these days. The lineup represents the lineage of modern Detroit music and what that’s about, which is really important to me, and was also really important to album. I wanted it to sound like Detroit; to sound like Belle Isle, or like driving down 7 Mile, so I think the music and also the event itself is a testament to that.

This show has been moved from El Club to The Magic Stick. All previously purchased tickets will be honored and/or refunded. Tickets