“Divergence” Sculpture Lands in New Center Park Designed by CCS Student Adriana Ohar

“Divergence” Sculpture Lands in New Center Park Designed by CCS Student Adriana Ohar

College for Creative Studies student Adriana Ohar has designed and fabricated the newest public art addition to New Center, a sculpture entitled, “Divergence.”  The public artwork commission was a part of Broder & Sachse’s “Influence of Innovation” contest. The urban real estate development company in Detroit, along with partners College for Creative Studies and Midtown Detroit, Inc. celebrated their 25th anniversary on Wednesday evening with the installation of a new sculpture in New Center Park.

“We wanted to mark our 25th year by asserting our commitment to exceptional developments in Detroit and to this community, and the contest in partnership with CCS and Midtown Detroit allowed us to bring this anniversary to life in a special way,” said Richard Broder, CEO of Broder & Sachse Real Estate. “Giving a young, talented artist like Adriana the space for a permanent installation in New Center Park is representative of the legacy we are trying to leave in the city and something we know Detroiters will enjoy for years to come.”

Through “The Influence of Innovation” contest, Ohar and other CCS students were asked to channel the spirit of Broder & Sachse’s commitment to the City of Detroit, with a design concept capturing the essence of the company’s innovative approach to development in Detroit. Divergence was fabricated by Ohar and installed in New Center Park on Wednesday. Visitors to the park can find the sculpture in the round fountain bed adjacent to the performance pavilion on the northeast corner of the park. New Center Park, located at 2998 West Grand Boulevard in Detroit, is owned and operated by Midtown Detroit, Inc.

Unveiling ceremony, New Center Park. Image credit, PLAYGROUND DETROIT.

“This sculpture is based on the forms of an origami tessellation that I made, using its dramatic lines and angles,” Ohar wrote in her project statement describing Divergence. “My focus for this project is more directed towards the viewer’s ability to interact with the sculpture, in hopes to give them a new relationship with public art and potentially a new experience of simple forms and lines. This simple form is a kinetic sculpture that can change from flat to multi-dimensional, depending on light and viewpoint.”

Ohar received a $10,000 material and build budget to bring her sculpture to life, as well as a $5,000 scholarship prize package. An additional $2,000 in scholarship prizes was awarded to other competition finalists. Erika Williams’ design was second place, while another design from Ohar received third place recognition. Honorable mentions were awarded to Alexis Bratto, Julia Leone, and Toomas Toomepuu.

“Our students at the College for Creative Studies showed their incredible design skills through their participation in this contest, and we’re proud of Adriana for her inspired creation, now on display in New Center Park,” said Vince Carducci, Dean of Undergraduate Studies at CCS.

“We congratulate the students who developed creative ideas for this contest for the opportunity to have their work showcased in New Center Park,” said Sue Mosey, Executive Director of Midtown Detroit, Inc. “Broder & Sachse’s influence in Detroit is reflected in the projects they develop year after year, and this sculpture is just another way they are elevating the Midtown neighborhood that is so near and dear to us all.”

Broder & Sachse is well-known for its instrumental role in the revitalization of downtown in recent years through several acquisitions and developing three substantial mixed-use properties, including The Scott at Brush Park, The Albert – Capitol Park, The Hamilton Midtown Detroit and Orchestra Place. In addition to extensive work in Detroit proper, Broder & Sachse is currently developing innovative urban projects in communities throughout southeast Michigan.

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